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DAY 155 (Eve-Teasing...More of a style statement than a crime!!!)

These days what 'is in' and what and when it 'goes out' can't be defined. An ipod of 10k bucks which was literally fought over to be possessed last month gets replaced by the next demand of an iphone. A laptop which once used to be a dream now seems of outdated configuration. Scooty needs to be replaced by a car and car would need to be replaced by private jets quite soon. And thats because style statements can't be compromised with anything else in the world.

One of the weirdest style statements (where majority compromises of guys) is eve-teasing. Its a common scenario if a girl is on her way to somewhere and some body-hugging-and-local-rainbow-colored-sunglasses-wearing jerks pass comments on her or maybe throw papers or puff smoke on her face. Chasing a girl riding a scooty by the typical DHOOM bike-riders is another chapter of the same weirdo statement. The ugliest and the biggest jerks are those who enjoy hitting (which they define as touching) the girl an…

DAY 154 (Loving someone...)

Someone recently asked me "Why do people realize the value of a person in their life when they lose them?" I could not answer then but then later on I gave it a thought. Before trying to find out the answer to the question, I felt that the question itself is not right. Is it really true? Is it true that when we have a person in our life we don't know his worth? We don't care?

The thing is when people go...those who love them can't show the emptiness they are feeling. They can't express their agony...their sorrow. And then there are those who have a matrix of infinite adjectives for all that could have been done...all that they did....and all that the others didn't do. They even forget the question that they asked. And they themselves don't realize the value of a person whom they have there with them right now. All they express is the pain that they feel because others feel nothing according to them.
Love can't be proved. It can't be stamped on a…