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DAY 250 (The disadvantage of a sane husband)

So there is this big disadvantage of having a super-good husband. The whole world starts treating you more moronically than you actually are.

Be it your family. The same set of family who were really not sure of making him their son-in-law, now in every unbeatable argument of mine punches back saying, let us talk to him about it, he will understand. He is more matured.

Those set of friends. For any stupid or I-don't-care topics if I am not agreeing with them as much as they want, they want him to be dragged. It does not matter if he has a background also or not. It does not matter that it will take all the more time to get him on the same page. And it does not even matter if he is interested also or not. But since he is supposed to be The Right Person, he has to come in.

Every decision of mine has to be discussed with him according to public vote. Every advice that I seek and ask only a certain set of people comes back saying, don't ask us, you have such a great husband, what…

DAY 249 (To the traveller aunties....)

To all those aunties on airports and railway stations...

I don't know what you see in us that you can stare at us without blinking for hours. It doesn't matter if we are seeing off someone or travelling ourselves. You will judge us by our clothes, our physique, who we are with, how we are behaving and god forbid if we hug or kiss someone while seeing off you will file an FIR against us at the back of your mind. You make us more uncomfortable than those lafangey ladkey of roadside because atleast we know the reason of their attention. For what hell of a purpose you are staring at our asses, I have no clue. And then when there is a queue, please understand that it will move. What power comes inside you which makes it necessary to punch us by your 15kgs elbows (each) to win a race which is actually not a race. For an airbus which will hardly take 2-3 minutes to drop you at the plane, you fight by literally wrestling us down and get a seat. If you are fit enough to wrestle and in…