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DAY 258 (Being there without being there..)

Sometimes, I feel that over the time, my strengths have become my weaknesses and vice versa. Sentimentality most of the times, cost more than you can afford and it has indebted me time and again.

Some bonds give you the feeling of 'forever'. There is no replacement. But over the time, when you grow up, your expressing powers fade away and you are not really good at words anymore. All you do gets translated to duties rather than affection. It is hurtful and aches you to your core. But you just don't want to give up. However, there are times when one should realize when your affection is not really pleasing the other person. You share from your part but they don't feel like reciprocating. You still think of them to give all the "first-news", but they hear it like a news-feed rather than a sharing.

At these times, you should know to step down. What care is it if its not pleasant enough. What affection is it if it just acts as a last string of hope between you t…