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DAY 173 (Life = Maze)

Life has made me lost my way "n" number of times. And every-time I could find a way out to the maze. No matter how much time it took me to solve the puzzle but I did make through. That confidence has kept me going since then.

Sometimes I wonder how is it possible to be so many different paths to the same life. Or is it my hallucination? But no hallucinations and no is right there..naked in front of you. The only challenge is to get to it...nothing more and nothing less.

Is it..?
Can it..?
All these are very obvious questions. I have seen people getting scared at the mere thought of these questions popping up in their mind. But there is nothing to fear till this. The fear actually should arrive when there pops up a "what to a what" or a "why to a why".

Then is when you went deeper into the mess. That is when you might get screwed. But then again for every level down there is always a level up.

All you have to do i…

DAY 172 (No way out...!)

There are times when I get too itchy to know the truth. No matter even if I know that it is gonna hurt might keep me thinking...but still the thought doesn't let me sleep till I settle down with an answer. Now thats a different fact that the answer makes me insomniac.

Sometimes it gets too important to know where are you going? Is it making any difference? Has it changed anything? Does it matter to the other person with the same intensity? Have you been able to express yourself? Does the other person realises your love...your commitment towards him/her?

And then when you gather the courage to take a stand to know....and finally get the answer....this blogpost happens!

I have always been an over-thinking kind of species. Someone who likes to see the nano-particles of the object too. Someone who goes in the nth dimension possible so that it is ensured that nothing is missed...nothing which could have been the {pessimistic} case.

Either there should be just "anxiety to …

DAY 171 (Just an attempt ...)

Time grows a lot of things inside you. Submissiveness is one of them. For me, it has grown in abnormal counts. I am a normal person of innumerable and serious incapabilities. I like to be dependent and often the dependence disappoints me. I feel good to be loved...bad to be hated. My love for some very special people of my life is unconditional. I expect a lot and accept the fact the least number of times. I cry...I get disappointed...I fail...I succeed...I seek happiness...and I await a good day everyday.
That all gift-wraps me into a common person's box. But still...I like to be considered outstanding.

I know days are never the same...neither are the moods. I know there is a thing called impulse. And I know that I am bad at handling it. Today I am just in the mood of being a part of all my flaws. Being with my drawbacks and giving myself a shoulder when everyone else's needs an explanation longer than this blogpost.

There is not a single person in the entire universe who is…

DAY 170 (Crazy Days...)

I hate it when I become a mystery to myself. Its so irritating to be unpredictable. You just never know whats gonna happen in the next second. How are you going to react to a simple gesture or a major incident?

But when I try to rethink on it after few hours or maybe few days...I find out that there is always a reason behind such unknowing days. Reasons which are there in your unconscious mind but you are just not bothered to deal with it. And when you want to give them attention...they are lost in the web of your thoughts and you become a mystery to yourself.

It might be anything...missing someone, getting an unexpected reaction from a close friend, failing in something you thought you would be able to do, just a bad really can be anything!

And ignoring it as soon as it pops up in your mind results in this-
You go crazy unreasonably.

And its even more irritating when people around you start behaving even more mysteriously. You are in a foul mood...they give you a worse …