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DAY 218 (Confessions of a "Tomboy"..!)

I am a "tomboy" and I have a few confessions to make.

First of all we don't like being called "tomboy" because it sounds ridiculous and god knows who the hell invented this great word. Secondly, the person should have been gender-unbiased and should have created the same male title for it too..maybe a "timgirl"..!! They call men who have some "feminine" activities or likings as "gays". Now if the guy is gay, he doesn't care, no matter what the reason is for them to call him that but he is okay being a gay. On the other hand, if he isn't a gay, he would just prove it to them someday, by having a girlfriend, or getting married... having kids and leading a happy life without a male partner. For a "tomboy" girl, she might die with the same tag.

But, we ..whom you entitle as tomboy and smile over it...I want to give you a moment of truth here.
You chose to call us "tomboy" because we might not have a nailpai…