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DAY 118 (A random scribble..)

Well....A random scribble once again...!!

Hmm..I was just thinking today...that everyday can be an exclusive memory for any of us. But that depends only if we allow ourselves to think that way....behave that way! By allowing I mean...
Allowing ourselves to get inspired everyday...
Allowing ourselves to feel special everyday..
Allowing ourselves to love and be loved....
Allowing ourselves to feel how blessed we are..
Allowing ourselves to accept the positivity around us...

Life is just so beautiful...
A bad, tiring and dull day can also be one of your best days. Its just how you wanna feel it?
I know its a just a scribble..May be you guys are gonna read it and then close it without giving it a thought. But if you have just one extra minute...please take the pain...
This 1 minute pain may turn a bad day to a remarkably amazing day for you..!!
Have a nice evening..!!

DAY 117 (Yipppieee.....Dippppieeee.....Tag time..!!!)

Wuhooooooooooooo.....I am suddenly feeling so refreshed! You wanna know why? Because I have been my one of the dearmost followers ...chanz ! I thank her so very much..!
And now coming to the tag..
Well...the 9 things which I have worn the most... this kurti...which was gifted to me by my dear..dear Dadi...! I have never ever been more comfortable in anything else. And I just love it..!

Second is this....pair of jeans...I have almost worn it on every other chance I get. And I love the t-shirt with it undoubtedly...!!

This pullover as Akansha says it..."My trademark..!" I just love it...Muaaaah...

This kurti is from Fabindia...I love the brand..and I love the person (My chachi) even more who has gifted this to me...! Once again one of my most comfortable outfits...!!

 One of my most prized posessions...A FASTTRACK.. I got it by my Dad...when I was just about to complete my engineering...!

This is my best my it has …

DAY 116 (Just a piece of crap....!!)

Writing is something so pleasant that nothing on the earth can ever replace it for me. And so here I am once feel the best...the lightest....the free-falling soul..! health is quite on a loose right now...(just viral...coz of this stupid weather!) so maybe I won't be in the best of my writings today but I just wanna make it a freestyle one purposely. Lets see how it goes.
Well...working is a whole new experience altogether (and I believe...that I am being redundant here...OHHHH...these stupid medicines...!). I have a set routine....for the whole week...and a good whole lot of enjoyment in the trailing weekend henceforth. Life is going smooth...and rugged ..both at the same time.
I miss being myself at times. I enjoy being the happy-go-lucky all the time. I miss crying at the moment I want to. I enjoy making others laugh when they really need it. I miss having every single second in my hand to vacate myself just through one call (and thats to Akansha..of course). I…

DAY 115 (In search of an answer....)

Well....I don't know if I am gonna sound like a cry-baby here...but I just can't be dishonest in my writing. Not feeling purely an incidental thing. No one can explain it or its reasons. It just happens. And when it does...what all the people surrounding you should do is...JUST BE SUPPORTIVE! Is that too much to ask? Actually...probably it is!

Why? times you need someone to ask you..about what happened...and at other just wanna be left alone. You can't predict it even yourself that what kind of expectation is the next one gonna be? You always pity yourself in such situations...whether you are on the culprit's side (the one who is expecting from people) or from the victim's side (the one who is being expected from). Thats the easiest way out. But is it the right way out?

I haven't known the answers from years. Have you?

DAY 114 (Balancing..)

Image here I am back again..!! First of all...thank you so much in advance...because I know you all are gonna love this template... :D

And now coming back to myself...
Well...things are parallely rough and smooth in life. And like a good girl, I am enjoying both sides of the coin. I am learning a lot and at the same time I have learnt to forget a lot too. And you I have realised how important both the aspects are! You can neither make your brain a dumping bag nor can you leave it just empty. And with get to learn to balance both the things.

Although,there are some side effects at times as well. For cannot be yourself at times or maybe you have to contradict your intution as well. But if you trust me...its worth taking the risk! Chose things to just avoid and step up and dare to preserve few things as well.

You the end of the'll be satisfied! And thats what important..right?

PS- Yippppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....for FIFA world …

DAY 113 (A beautiful scribble...!)

Well...this is something which is not written by me. But there is this friend of mine....whom I saw scribbling this beautiful little thing. And thus with due permission of her (sorry.. I can't reveal her name because thats the condition of granting the permission)..I would like to share it with you guys as well. And I hope you like it.

Sometimes, you just let things go away. You dedicate yourself,your affection,your care,your loyalty,just everything to ONE PERSON. Someone who seems to be your long-awaited dream. Someone who is just the way he was supposed to be. Someone who is your ultimate you strength and at the same time becoming your weakness. His happiness makes you smile and when he frowns, you lose control over your mind. Whenever you try to do something for him, it always falls short of your expectations. You try and make everything and everyday as special as it could be and you are ready to go through all transformations head over heels which are supposed…

DAY 112 (In search of some relief...!!)

Stop stupid grey little cells...!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!! What the F***??? Are these things deaf ? It seems so.

You know somethings look very complicated at first glance but then once you step realize its really simple. But then these crazy grey things make you think over and over again as if how come they got to be so simple now? Isn't that insane? Yes it is. And the irony is that I am one amongst those fools who lies in this specialization of insanity. And God forbid...if those "so-called simple issues" get complicated once again then...what happens to my head is unimaginable. I can't really comment on whether its good or not. But its definitely not giving me any joy / happiness.

Well...I know its my own problem and I gotta solve it on my own. But scribbling just makes me feel light. As if....its not creepy any more. It has been shared.

I have been advised many a times to improvise on the sentimental part of mine. But…

DAY 111 (The right decision...!!!)

My problem is that....I get attached in fraction of seconds. No matter how much I deny the fact...but once I take one step ahead.....I go far beyond the distances of thousands steps taken altogether. And as everything has its pros and cons....this "characteristic" of mine lies in the same category as well !!!

But you know....ignoring the pros and cons issues...right now I am just amazed....!! Amazed at the intensity of my sensitiveness...amazed at the origin of these attachments which are still left to be explored....and amazed at my unplanned confession!

People say the deeper you go...the more complicated it becomes. Right! True! But the shallower you stay the opaque it stays as well. Now thats said by me....but I have never found a contradiction to it. And I believe in transparency.

The issue is..that the other person should also feel the same. Now if any contradictions lie here....then the scenario drifts away just to the negative axis. The real judgement does not lie in …

DAY 110 (Being human..!!!)

Everything and everyday doesn't go according to the plans. And what fun indeed....if everything is pre-planned? Right??? Life should be a new surprise gift everyday. Some pleasant...and at times unpleasant too. That helps you keep going alongwith different flavours.

Then where does the problem lie? It lies there where you start imposing choices....
Choices of the days when you want to taste a particular kind of flavour...
Choices of the people with whom you wanna enjoy the flavour...
And choices of the extent to which you wanna taste the flavour...

Now thats not done..!!! And thats too partial and double-faced. Surprises are not conditional...right? They need their own space...their own decisions...and their own choices.

Its just so simple yet so difficult to understand. To be honest...I am one amongst the readers who is the CULPRIT  in this scenario. I am one of those...who does all this...despite of knowing the idealistic facts. And then I have a universal excuse "Its just …