DAY 110 (Being human..!!!)

Everything and everyday doesn't go according to the plans. And what fun indeed....if everything is pre-planned? Right??? Life should be a new surprise gift everyday. Some pleasant...and at times unpleasant too. That helps you keep going alongwith different flavours.

Then where does the problem lie? It lies there where you start imposing choices....
Choices of the days when you want to taste a particular kind of flavour...
Choices of the people with whom you wanna enjoy the flavour...
And choices of the extent to which you wanna taste the flavour...

Now thats not done..!!! And thats too partial and double-faced. Surprises are not conditional...right? They need their own space...their own decisions...and their own choices.

Its just so simple yet so difficult to understand. To be honest...I am one amongst the readers who is the CULPRIT  in this scenario. I am one of those...who does all this...despite of knowing the idealistic facts. And then I have a universal excuse "Its just human..!!!" 

But still...keep trying to overcome your shortcomings is also human..!!!
Accepting your drawbacks and then giving them a thought of improvisation is also human...!!!
So we can always do that in the least concern...
What say??? 


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  2. a question whose answer we are still unwilling to accept


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