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DAY 153 (The Undefined term- Generation Gap)

I have come across a persistent issue (I sound so much like an IT professional) which has been there since forever and it seems its not gonna find a solution for itself as well! And it is "Generation Gap". How and where did this concept start...I had never known and neither do I wanna know it. But what bothers me is its definition. Two people with different perspective hide under the pillow of "generation gap" and find a way to stick to their ideas of perfection.
Who decides whether the mindset or perspective is correct or does it need to be altered? No one. And thats because if someone would try, he/she would again become a part of one of the either generations. And becomes easier to blame because there is one crime and multiple criminals!
Few years back..I read it somewhere that nothing is right or wrong when opinions are concerned. But one should learn from his/her own experience because that kinda experience holds more weight-age than anything else in …