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DAY 43 (Holding back your tongue...!!!)

I know its not a big deal for guys...they are the brand ambassadors of this..but holding ourselves (the girls..) from being abusive..when you really want to... is a total breath-taking job! And when it is about an Indian plus ethical (ahem..ahem..) girl...then its like climbing the Mount Everest.

And this is a regular scenario with me..especially since I have been in hostel...from past 4 years..!! God knows how did I cool down my red face without THOSE WORDS crossing my mind even once before all those years??? And now its like on the tip of the tongue in the form of an arithmetic progression series (mathematics was fun..!!) soon as temperature in my body's CPU rises !!

And the icing on the cake is my sophisticated bundle of useless friends...who can't even stand the first link of the that I can just be partially iced..!!! Gosh .....thats soooo hard to can't even imagine!!

Sometimes I wish that at those particular moments I could be a guy and j…

DAY 42 (Never be a catalyst...!!! )

Being in a very ugly mood since yesterday people are not gonna get anything good from this post. But still let me try.

Actually...I always heard but never believed that one should be a catalyst in hooking your friends up with someone. That creates such a mess with no consequence in return except one - YOU BEING THE ULTIMATE BAD-MAN (bad-woman in my case)!

So much of uncomfortability and uneasiness starts wobbling that you start cursing yourself ultimately. Both the parties (which you were actually trying to hook up) plus the other connectors remind you of the embarassment that you went through when you failed in the process. And that makes you feel insulted and cheated (Don't know why does it feel cheated..but it surely does).

Instead of the FUTURE LOVE-BIRDS doing start rewinding the moments again and again trying to reconfigure where could you have improved or be better. But nothing soothes you. You sit there...practicing for the next conversation you are goi…

DAY 41 (G-talk...Men not allowed..!!!)

Oh..I knew it..!!! Reading the title would have applied all forces of magnetism to all the guys there...and this post is gonna get visited by record-breaking number of guys...he he!! know what boys???...its gonna award you with nothing mouth-watering (yes I know what you are hoping for..!!!)

So...all my girl-friends lets start the group discussion here..
Actually I wanna check if I am an exception here (which i do not think I am)...or is it the regular scenario??

Well...the general perception says that girls are freakingly obsessed about their regular visits to beauty parlours just to cover up the the little flaws they have in their looks. But thats not true according to me.

I'll tell you my personal experience. Yes..its not that that I do not care about the split ends or the growing unshaped things just above my beautiful eyes (wink..!!..wink..!!) but there is also this fact..that I have to really work hard to be mentally prepared to take the pains to go for these monthly…

DAY 40 (The story of a @@#%#^$&%^*^&(&)*($E&#$.... !!!)

Well...Grandpa's birthday went quite well....and happening...!!! It all went according to the plan (which happens rarely with me) and thus it rocked..!!!

So then I came back quite tired (I am not used of shaking my ass much since 8 months....he he he) but was quite happy for the beautiful day. And then one of my very irritating college-mate managed to spoil my mood somehow...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....!!!

Actually I hate those people who you know ...send those kind of irritating SMS of GUESS WHO and all...!!! And he is the king of the tribe. He is a true CHEAPSTER (we invented this word in college...)  who can't spend a single penny no matter what emergency occurs...but since these mobile phone networks come up with new schemes everyday people like me have to pay for it! He somehow got a SIM card which offers free SMS....and there I was SCREWED!!!

 I always knew that it was him....because he has been using the same trick to bring that expression of WOHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....on m…

DAY 39 (Wish you long life Grandpa......!!!! )

Oh its a day to celebrate and to thank god!!! Yes...its my Grandpa's 80th birthday!!! Isn't that awesome??? I really thank god to give him those wonderful 80 years....and wish him to have a long and happier life ahead.

Oh...he is such a great intellectual who is a genius actually! I so much admire him for his writings and excellent work. And I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy for him too.... :D

I wish I was earning right now....but still...I have planned something very special for him...although it would only be me and grandma to do the celebrations (everyone else is busy)...but who cares..??...its gonna be great! As they say....the older you grow...the younger you become! So its gonna be a full BACHHA PARTY sort of thing...with all those balloons...decorations...birthday caps...cake...and his favourite dish....chicken (slurp..)...!!!I hope he likes the idea of celebration and everything would rock.

I am all in the mood to party hard today…

DAY 38 (Call me a brand now...I have been TAGGED thrice!!!)

Its a nice sunny day today...and one of my very early days follower BRENDA (MUMMYTIME) tagged me... and hence its going so far so good. But before answering my tag...I would like to mention my state of mind right now. Actually yesterday Akansha (Oh..common it'll be the thousandth time if i would have to mention "who is she" again..) just asked me to listen to the title track of the bollywood movie "kaminey" with all ears. And since I did that...I am all like 
"Mere dost bhiiiiii.....Kaminey!!!
Mere yaar bhiiiiiii......Kaminey!!!"
"Kabhi hum kaminey nikle...kabhi dusre kaminey!!!"
[Quite a biographical song... :D] moving on to my HATTRICKED TAG...

10 things that make me smile

1- Meeting my grandma

2- Phone call from Akansha
3- Writing another poem
4- New comment/follower on my blog
5- A pleasant surprise
6- When someone understands what I am thinking at the moment
7- Winning in a conversation with Akansha (thats just a dream...…

DAY 37 (Do they follow each other...???)

Yesterday I heard a strange concept and thus I wanna share it here. One of my college friend was chatting with me on internet when he suddenly asked me to give my analysis on him. I was puzzled. Why should I? We are not very good friends. We never hanged out together. We rarely talked in the college. We only ocassionally chat too. But then he kept on insisting. I could smell the fishy liquid. But he justified himself by saying that he believes that people who are into writing business can analyse everyone easily and he does not have any other friend who has any interest in the game. The latter part could be neglected easily...but the former justification compelled me to google my mind whether its one of the NEWTON'S LAWS OF PHYSICS or did my friend became a thinker lately. Unable to find the reason....I somehow agreed to the request and gave away my PRECIOUS ANALYSIS.
(By the way...I enjoyed it pretty much!!!)
And guess what...I was dot right from tip to toe (not that I physically…

DAY 36 (Do I really have a choice..??)

I hope some psychiatrist reads this post and give me some clue about the puzzle. To start with it...let me check if you know that I am a total "JUST DOING NOTHING" persona from the past 8 months. Why? Because I completed my engineering in June last year and since then I am waiting for my joining from TCS or Wipro. 
Why have I not done anything else?? Ummmm...Thats a different issue and long story so keep that thing aside.

So,apart from cursing recession and begging for work,all I have done all those days was to find something time-taking or involving to do. But alas...still left empty-handed!!! Rare were those days....if I got lucky. And then the lapse to celebrate the next fortune needed so much patience. 

But then...a few days ago something caught my notice. My best friend Akansha asked me to do something for her that actually was a part of my writing hobby but just on a professional level. I just tried and postpone as much as I could. Actually I very conveniently forgot abo…

DAY 35 (ohhhh...I am flattered...!!! )

Why am I flattered right??? Because I am tagged again..... :)

And this time its by NIPUN aka NUTS!!! Thanks buddy...thanks a ton! And so here I go with the questions-

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

Ohhhh...I hate that weirdo...but still

1- Roadies (Thats a must....)
2- Friends (I can watch all its seasons over and over again...)
3- Splitsvilla (More for Nikhil Chinappa...)
4- Dare to Date (I still wonder whats exactly wrong with that guy/whatever "ANDY")
5- Emotional Attayachar (Have recently started following)
6- Dance India Dance (Some real talent there...)
7- Mahi Way (Its someone's biography actually among my known ones...don't wanna reveal the name)
8- V The player (Have never watched one full episode ..and thus I am still unable to understand the format)

8 Places to eat and dine

1- CCD (Cafe coffee Day)
2- Aryans (Oh what momos...yummm..)
3- Royal Cafe (Coaching days' memories+yummmm chicken)
4- Sharma ji ki Dukaan (World's best tea and samosa..…

DAY 34 (...The typical BAABOO story..!!! )

This is something serious guys. I generally don't say anything against my country and I am proud to be an Indian too. But some things upset me a hell lot. And here is one of the examples....

Well...I did my B.Tech from a UPTU college in Bareilly. During our last year,we (some of the students) decided to apply for passport. According to the system and the so-called rules...its mandatory for the government to issue passport within 3 months (if all the enquiries get cleared). Our date of application was 2nd february,2009. We thought 3 months can get extended to 6 months at the max.

But now its one full year..almost! Can you imagine that??? And the icing on the cake is that all those who applied with me have got their passports and I am the only one stucked. You know why? Because just being tired of giving the bribes to each and every enquiry (which they call the fees) and being denied by my parents to do so as well...I just refused one of the LIU person who came to my hostel and was …

DAY 33 (Are you gonna forward it...??)

I hope you all can relate to this one very easily. And thus I want your feedbacks to it.

Like zillions of times as before...I again received one of those irritating bullshit messages on my cellphone and e-mail ID to forward the chain to 15 more people and that will bring all that I could ever wish for since I came to this planet. I feel like giving it back hard to such people who forward these messages to me. What the F*** ???

I don't know about others...but do you really think that I would fall for it? If yes...then you need to be born again..dude!

I have seen so many of them forwarding e-mails,sms and even those pamphlets by photo-copying them. I think those are really out of the world...illogical..IQ-less...people.

Ok....forget about the messages regarding your personal interests...
Lets talk about those which say that it could save someone's life and bla bla bla..(And I mean be BLA  BLA BLAAAA...!!!)
You feel that whatever money is earned by forwarding the message …

DAY 32 (A day without Internet!!!)

Before taking off....first of all...wish you all a very HAPPY BASANT PANCHMI..!!! May Goddess Saraswati bless us all... with this obsession and capability of moving our pens.... yesterday was a day without internet actually. Don't ask me the will really embarrass me. But I know if I am not gonna mention it then you guys won't leave me in the comment section. So..ok. Actually we (the whole family..I mean)..somehow missed to pay the landline telephone bill of the month of november. December was paid...but november got missed. And to make a really big fool of myself...I went straight to the FIGHT WITH THE SYSTEM well !!! As far as my memory glands work...there were surely more than 50 people there. And after my long speech for the INJUSTICE...I just got one line in return...
"Madam....agar aap apna November ka bill bhar de to main phone abhi chaalu karva du..!!!" (Ma'am...if you pay your November bill..I'll resume the serv…

DAY 31 (Guess What??...I have been tagged..!!! )

Its the monthly anniversary of my blog today...and I have been tagged for the first time...! Now that calls for a CELEBRATION...!!! All thanks to one of my follower...MEENAKSHI...Thanks a ton dear..!!!

Now coming to the point and answering all the questions...

1. What is your current obsession?
Writing ....not just current...its forever and ever!!!

2. What are you wearing today?
Loads of clothes...can't even count how many...all thanks to the freaking winters this time!!!

3. What’s the most embarrassing moment you ever had ? When I went to watch "JANE TU YA JANE NA" with a bunch of people and during interval came back with a tray full of snacks and offered it to the people in the row front of us.And that was not the end. After that I spilled a glass full of coffee...on my Friend ADITI's favourite OFF-WHITE top! Can't really get over it....phewwwwwwwwww!!

4. What’s the last thing you bought?
A small Ganpati idol for my grandma.

5. What are you li…

DAY 30 (...Help me out..!!! )

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......these unwanted guests are none less than those blood-sucking vampires (and here...I am not talking about the handsome Twilight or New moon vampires...mind you..!!!). And my day was full of those.

The best or rather the worst part is that...all belong to different categories...some believe in sarcasm...some are just those manner less junkheads...and some are just sitting till like the end of the world..!!! And on top of it..parents expect you to be so kind and decent to people like them...thats the icing on the cake.

They say that winters has short days and longer nights....but for me yesterday was a vice-versa day. I was like counting every TICK of the clock...but damn it was even slower than the snail. 

I can't really explain you the feeling when feet itches to kick someone's ass and you are talking to the same person with a continous real-looking-fake smile. I really deserve the best actress award for it...I do deserve it! 

From past so ma…

DAY 29 (...Move on...!!! )

Some days are just not good...irrespective of any reason. Now what can I say? Thats how it happens sometimes! Or may be we opt for juicing out the pessimism anyhow...or whatever may be the case....but it was simply not good for me.

I can't really point out any reason....any incident...actually! was because my chacha chachi went back to Mumbai....or maybe it was because yesterday I related so many things to the bad things of the past ....but to be concrete....last time saying ... NO REASON...!!!

I was just surfing TV channels yesterday when I randomly stopped to some show....a reality show...whose name I don't know.....and that made me depressed probably..!!! I just held the string and tied a knot of it to my bad days of past. I just non-stop kept on thinking...and thinking....and some more of thinking...!!! And then now I am like this ....

But as they say....MOVE ON....!!! Thats the MANTRA!!! So,I am waiting my shoes to gear up for that. what else c…

DAY 28 (...I owe HIM...!!! )

Hmmmmmm....I am actually not sure as to how to fill this post today? Nothing unusual or remarkable happened....and I don't wanna be partial with any of the bits. But lets see..... thing which I am quite not happy about today is that my Uncle and Aunt (Chacha and chachi) are over with their vacations and are leaving for Mumbai with my 5 year cousin and newly born bro..!!! And thats quite sad... :(

My uncle has always been more of a friend....a supporter.....a feel-good factor in my life! He is undoubtedly one of the prized possessions for me. He always asks me to follow my believe what I feel....and that has helped me to keep going many a times. And same goes with my aunt as well. She is a sweetheart undoubtedly. And there I find a PERFECT FAMILY!!!

I really owe to God to have blessed me with such people in my life...that I can proudly boast about! Many a times we keep on complaining and shrugging our heads for the PAIN IN OUR ASSES...!!! And...we very conveni…

DAY 27 (....Thank You God......!!!)

Ohhhhh....heavenly power up there...!!!! Have you blessed me with all the "RE-UNION"  happiness of the planet??? Because this time it was like even more than was long lost somewhere!!!

Now....without confusing you guys much... let me clear what I am talking about. Yesterday,I got back in contact with my long lost "NEW SCHOOL BUDDY".....NIDA SHAMIM!!! Yeah thats school buddy....because I changed my school in class 9th...and she was my best pal in class 9th and 10th. After that....she had to leave school because her family was shifting to Allahabad. We didn't use to have mobile phones in those no contact numbers to exchange even! And then somehow unfortunately we couldn't get in contact and then disappeared in our own worlds. 

But then suddenly FACEBOOK did something relevant to its purpose of social networking site....and we met again!!! And this has the first thing was to exchange numbers. 

DAY 26 (...An act of utter shame !!!)

Well...I am not in quite a good mood to blog right pardon me for some monotonous lines in between. Actually yesterday,my aunt's(bua's) mother-in-law expired. She was a great lady with immense knowledge and intellectual persona! Belonging to a well-to-do and high status background she had quite a bunch of celebrity friends and relatives. The bollywood actress for example,ASHA PAREKH ji is her best friend since childhood and used to visit her here in Lucknow many a times. But,the irony is that she did not lead a well-deserved life. 

She was living in an old age home despite the fact that her son and daughter-in-law lived in the same city....and I really don't think that any reason could be good enough to leave a person of that age to live like that. It was said that she was admitted in the most expensive old age home of Lucknow...and do you want me to praise the fact? I can't...I really can't! 

Maybe someday my aunt or uncle or their daughter would read this…

DAY 25 (HIP HIP HURRAY.......!!!)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I am sooooooo happy...!!! I know that I am gonna get killed for making another public announcement for this news ....but I can't really control myself over this issue let me get worries!!

My best friend Akansha....whom I have mentioned a lot many times in my posts...just got her summer internship in Switzerland...and she so much deserves it !!! Now,you must be wondering whats this thing about being killed for this news....right? Actually she is different from normal humans like us....thats why. She doesn't like to scream about her success..doesn't like others be overly overwhelmed by it....and never just allows herself to feel so great about short she is ABNORMAL...!!!

And above all...yesterday was SWAMI VIVEKANAND's birthday...and she is also a true follower,die-hard fan and ultimate in love with this personality so that called for double celebration...and this time she got a gift from him...infact.

Anyway....I am…

DAY 24 (Another outstanding opinion...!!!)

Its a sunny day after a hell long time...and so I utilized the opportunity by washing my hair and taking a sun bath while blogging. Kids are screaming their lives out in the park in front of my balcony and all the housewives are in their balconies accompanying me....although thats a different case that its of no use for me...but still....

The bad thing is that my youngest sis is very sick today and she had to miss her exam too. And thats really sad. Illness is so depressing in itself that anything more added to the flavour makes it worse than the worst. And I really feel sorry for her. I know what disgusting feeling she must be going through!

Anyway....apart from this I talked for like record-breaking duration on phone yesterday ...
It was really a historical balance degradation in my mobile...really!!! The longest one was for 1.5 hours with my college junior cum friend ....

Others were for half an hour or so....

I really wonder sometimes how do people manage to talk for like unending …

DAY 23 (....???????????.....)

Ohhhhhhh.....let me take a deep breath first of all....phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...!!

Yeah now I can talk...!!!
 God...spending almost 36 hours with a 5 year old kid is like spending all the energy altogether what you stored for the next whole week. You laugh at the get irritated at another round of hide and seek....and you are so scared for your laptop...!!! the end... the day goes REFRESHING..!! Yes..thats the word...

These 36 hours were not only refreshing and energetic but also surprising and unexpected for me....!!! I and one of my friend who had stopped talking due to some personal matter re-united once again. The step was taken by her and not me. I call it self respect....maybe someone else would call it an ego. But yes on the whole it was an unexpected out of the blue reunion..!!!

The differences were huge...and the step taken was a tiny little one ....but that accounted for much longer distances. It happens...generally so many times...that when we think of …

DAY 22 (I am the luckiest Girl on the planet..!!)

People so proudly boast about their families...the bondings they share and all..!! Good..infact that is something great..!! But,I believe only blood relations are not the lifeline ...
Now...that doesn't mean that I do not care about the blood relatives or I am taking them for granted...I am just telling you a personal experience...

And here...I am not talking about just friendship....! Friends are not related to us genetically....thats obvious...and everyone has friends too...! I am talking of something different.

A few posts ago...I told you that none of my grandfather's children....possessed any son and that was so punishing for him too...! It irritated us sometimes when he used to be so eager to have a grandson. was never like that he didn't love us or anything..but did pinch us all the time. Now..thats a different thing that he lately got his grandson finally.

But...I am talking the story before that. When...festivals like RAKSHABANDHAN or BHAI DOO…