DAY 34 (...The typical BAABOO story..!!! )

This is something serious guys. I generally don't say anything against my country and I am proud to be an Indian too. But some things upset me a hell lot. And here is one of the examples....

Well...I did my B.Tech from a UPTU college in Bareilly. During our last year,we (some of the students) decided to apply for passport. According to the system and the so-called rules...its mandatory for the government to issue passport within 3 months (if all the enquiries get cleared). Our date of application was 2nd february,2009. We thought 3 months can get extended to 6 months at the max.

But now its one full year..almost! Can you imagine that??? And the icing on the cake is that all those who applied with me have got their passports and I am the only one stucked. You know why? Because just being tired of giving the bribes to each and every enquiry (which they call the fees) and being denied by my parents to do so as well...I just refused one of the LIU person who came to my hostel and was asking for RS.500/- again. I just gave him some obvious reasons and told him that my uncle is in police and all. He very convincingly agreed not to take it from me.

And then after leaving Bareilly too,since 8 months I have been just doing up and down to the place to find the status. And the answer which I get is...all the enquiries are cleared;its just that there was some error in the LIU report and they are correcting it...its none of your mistake madam.

I guess they are right..its none of my mistake...its a BLUNDER!!! A blunder to deny giving bribe...
And on top of it...the sarcasm which I get from my father...for not doing a thing correctly...takes my brain out!

I feel like stabbing those SARKARI BAABOOS and beat the hell out of them!!! 
(Decode yourself..!!)

And for this ...I hate the Indian system as well! Not feeling so proud to be an Indian...these days!


  1. I can imagin..UP is the worst, I got mine made in Nagpur, and neither I paids any bribe, nor there was any delaty...when will our state change:(

  2. its not about state,....may be u just got lucky...! otherwise its not like maharashtra is corruption-free or something..! its abt the nationality...

  3. That is real hard luck dear..:(
    I got my passport without any bribes in 15 days.
    I don't know what is happening at UP's passport office. But whatever it is, it is not good.
    Hope you get your passport a.s.a.p.
    Have you filed a petition under the RTI act?
    Just file one and u will come to know everything...:)

    All the best.


    p.s. Engineers never complain. BTW which field are u in? May be I can get some help for my future prospects..:)

  4. Thanks for following me. I'm glad you liked my post! Do come back again!!

  5. @nipun...u must have applied in urgent section right? and yes i have thought about RTI...but then it again needs a lawyer...and a procedure...n all....
    thnks for the wishes anyways..
    i have done my engineering in electronics and communication.

  6. @cursed ur welucm dear!! did find some peace with naive thoughts in your poems...will definitely come back..!!

  7. hey did u check the passport website, if u dont get ur passport in 3 mnths u can lodge a complaint and u dont need a lawyer for that. Things here in Maharashtra are quite diff and hv not seen/heard of such issues in quite some time.

  8. U have been tagged.
    Check my blog.


  9. @sid yeah i have already done that website thing....but nuthing worked..!!

  10. @nipun thanks a ton nipun...!!! that made me :)

    just gonna check out...!!


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