DAY 38 (Call me a brand now...I have been TAGGED thrice!!!)

Its a nice sunny day today...and one of my very early days follower BRENDA (MUMMYTIME) tagged me... and hence its going so far so good. But before answering my tag...I would like to mention my state of mind right now. Actually yesterday Akansha (Oh..common it'll be the thousandth time if i would have to mention "who is she" again..) just asked me to listen to the title track of the bollywood movie "kaminey" with all ears. And since I did that...I am all like 
"Mere dost bhiiiiii.....Kaminey!!!
Mere yaar bhiiiiiii......Kaminey!!!"
"Kabhi hum kaminey nikle...kabhi dusre kaminey!!!"
[Quite a biographical song... :D] moving on to my HATTRICKED TAG...

10 things that make me smile

1- Meeting my grandma

2- Phone call from Akansha
3- Writing another poem
4- New comment/follower on my blog
5- A pleasant surprise
6- When someone understands what I am thinking at the moment
7- Winning in a conversation with Akansha (thats just a dream...and will always be...)
8- Shopping (I just realized that..!!!)
9- Having a nice day out
10- Reading Sorcerer's post (but thats just a recent reason....and to be precise its not a smile..its a roaring   laughter)

10 things that I just don't have the guts to do

Being modest again....(lol..!!!)....I always chose DARE in the game of TRUTH AND DARE and was always a winner too...but still let me think....
1- Answering back to my parents
2- Ditching anyone
3- Waking up early in the morning when there is no solid reason for it
4- Stop writing poems ever (I know Akansha...your hands are itching to comment on this..)
5- Disrespecting or denying what my grandma wants me to do
6- Stop being social
7- Eating crabs or snails (Yukkkkkkkkkkkkkk.....)
8- Not being punctual
9- Trying to touch someone's pet (I have had a terrible experience)
10- Being a TYPICAL ALL-TIME AVAILABLE girlfriend ever!!!

So that is it...!!!
People whom I would like to tag would be-
Neetu (atleast answer one tag..)
Nipun aka Nuts

PS- Wish all the Indians a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY!!!


  1. Hehe. You are a brand now. Ahem.

    Love your happy list S. And your gutless list...totally with you on the snails thing but I do love crabs though.=)

    ...and ooh, thanks for playing!

  2. Thank you for taggin me.
    I will try and do justice to ze tag

  3. You have created an interest in me to go ahead and find Akansha and Sorcerers blogs. Wait a minute I think I have visited his blog and almost died laughing at his angils... LOL
    Tagged again... I will try to do this if the power is steady.. Lots of power failures and cannot do anything properly...

  4. Thanks for the tag!!
    Will be doing it soon..



    p.s. Someone is getting famous...:)

  5. @farila... yeah sorcerer is awesome...and akansha....ummmmmmm...what can i say...she is just "THE BEST" ..!!!
    would be waiting for your next post..

  6. @nipun....your most welcome...looking forward to your answers..!!!

  7. thanks fro making this my hattrick tag a row!
    I've been a good girl :D and already done the tag..

    your third answer part two : i actually need to find guts to stop doing just that..i hv a deadline of 6 am to wake up, irrespective of what time I sleep :( poor me. ;)

  8. @meenakshi...your most welcome dear..


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