DAY 37 (Do they follow each other...???)

Yesterday I heard a strange concept and thus I wanna share it here. One of my college friend was chatting with me on internet when he suddenly asked me to give my analysis on him. I was puzzled. Why should I? We are not very good friends. We never hanged out together. We rarely talked in the college. We only ocassionally chat too. But then he kept on insisting. I could smell the fishy liquid. But he justified himself by saying that he believes that people who are into writing business can analyse everyone easily and he does not have any other friend who has any interest in the game. The latter part could be neglected easily...but the former justification compelled me to google my mind whether its one of the NEWTON'S LAWS OF PHYSICS or did my friend became a thinker lately. Unable to find the reason....I somehow agreed to the request and gave away my PRECIOUS ANALYSIS. 
(By the way...I enjoyed it pretty much!!!)
And guess what...I was dot right from tip to toe (not that I physically analysed dirty minds!!!).

And then I was left amazed!!! Was that justification actually a law of nature??? Can't put my foot down on it still...but may be!

I have noticed many a times that I do enjoy predicting about people who are not an integral part of my journey called life. And I am mostly correct too...(He he...still I would call myself modest)! But does it connect to my writing hobby? Can it be so?

I also remember the incident when one of my very good friends asked me to analyse his NEWLY HAPPENED TO BE girlfriend just for fun by a passport sized photograph. I had never met the lady....neither had heard her voice nor seen her handwriting. But I just did it! And Yuhooooooo ....I came out clean again! Not only he but even I myself was amazed. Although thats a different case that I did not allow myself to reveal the amazement.

So thats how it has been. I do not know whether its a different hobby or just another part of the mainstream.
But whatever it no no....I am definitely not opening up an astrology or analysis store here. So please back off...if you are another one in the strange queue!!!


  1. ahhaan..!! you have that in you..!!

    on a serious note, I think its a very good thing... Infact I would call it a master ability.. And the more you practice, the more sharper you become.. Seriously.. Not kidding...

    btw, I noticed something. There is a problem in your "post a comment" section... dont know, everytime I face a new problem. Infact in the prev post, your comment section just vanished.. anted to ask that do u disable comments or is there genuinly some problem...

  2. i never block my comment section...may be there is some problem in the site! what prob do u face?

  3. hmm..analysis
    yeah!! the thing is that certain people have this inbuilt thingy (its kinda hard wired ) for attention to details.
    hmm..observation and prediction that is..

  4. @sorcerer but that has nothing to do with liking towards writing right?

  5. Wow!
    That's something inbuilt.
    Nice use of the word Google (Still not in blogger dictionary).
    So u make gr8 connections just by watching their pics. Sahi h ji..
    Cool work..



    p.s. Analyse me..:P

  6. thanku ji...!! about the PS-read my last line of the post again :)

  7. Please do one for me Supriya .. You can take that as an absolute big challenge as so far in my life the most often heard sentence has been.. you are so contrasting in personality that no one can ever understand you.
    BTW the kitty story has continued. Hope you like it.

  8. sorry Farila...but u must have read the last sentence of my post...
    and about the continuation...i loved it..i left a comment there too..yesterday

  9. Enjoyed reading it :)
    This sure has nothing to do with you being a writer I guess.!

  10. I read the last line too.
    But then also....
    U can do a favor to a blogging buddy...:)

  11. @yemiledu...thanks for clearing my doubt..

  12. @nipun favours...otherwise dukaan lag jayegi..i denied one more blogging buddy too..!!


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