DAY 32 (A day without Internet!!!)

Before taking off....first of all...wish you all a very HAPPY BASANT PANCHMI..!!! May Goddess Saraswati bless us all... with this obsession and capability of moving our pens.... yesterday was a day without internet actually. Don't ask me the will really embarrass me. But I know if I am not gonna mention it then you guys won't leave me in the comment section. So..ok. Actually we (the whole family..I mean)..somehow missed to pay the landline telephone bill of the month of november. December was paid...but november got missed. And to make a really big fool of myself...I went straight to the FIGHT WITH THE SYSTEM well !!! As far as my memory glands work...there were surely more than 50 people there. And after my long speech for the INJUSTICE...I just got one line in return...
"Madam....agar aap apna November ka bill bhar de to main phone abhi chaalu karva du..!!!" (Ma'am...if you pay your November bill..I'll resume the services right now!!")

Gosh....I wanted to have that MR. INDIA'S WATCH at that moment of shame!!! God......please plastic surgery me or give all of these a short term memory get away with this. But none of it happened! I just paid the bill...and got back home with a stooped face.

Phone services got resumed..but broadband wasn't working still. I didn't have the guts obviously go back and enquire. I used the phone services instead. And then got to know that it takes minimum 48 hours to resume the internet services. I was screwed!!! But thank god..I had already scheduled yesterday's post by then....but what about today....that was taking my brains out. And then...using the IN-BUILT INNOCENCE OF A GIRL....I made him (the phone guy) my dearmost uncle...and very sweetly and innocently...asked to please resume the services within 24 hours. 
And guess worked..!!!! it the traffic policeman or the Train T.T. or anyone else...its always a priviledge to be a girl... :P

And I am with another post today... again !!!

PS- The day without internet actually benefited me with certain backlogs too ..which I have been very eager to fill up from a long long having chicken for dinner... (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm....) and sleeping like a baby..!!!


  1. n den ppl say dat d fairer sex is d oppressed one as well... :D

  2. Happy Basant panchmi to u too.
    Had a bath 2day. It feels gr8...:)
    Seems like u r good at persuasive skills.
    Such things are taken for granted in case of girls.
    Its a good thingy I would say...:)
    Internet and Blogging go together so keep the connections tight and ur pockets full...:P



    p.s. Awwww. Sleep like a baby...:)

  3. good that u had bath...finally after how many the way???!!
    and pls don't embarrass me more..thats all i can say...!

    and nuthing to be awwww.. abt sleeping like a baby..!!!

  4. stopped counting after 10 days. Lolz..
    I havnt slept like that from a long time.
    Thats why i was aaaawwwwing...:)

  5. yukkkkkkkkkk....10 days????????...are u kidding me???
    and thanks for the explanation...lolzz..!!

  6. we girls are the best..!! THE BEST..!!! :P

  7. undoubtedly...!!! high five..!!


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