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DAY 109 (Straight from the heart...!!)

Well....there is a long story why have I not been able to write up anything since so long. Nothing to describe much...just to be short and precise...there is some internet problem at my place.

Anyway...moving is smooth since the time I have started working. Things are going just pretty well. But  the energy which the readers might be missing in my writing right now is because my Life-line "AKANSHA" is in Switzerland. I just miss her like hell. You know sometimes you become so dependent and a person becomes such an integral part of your life that you can't even manage to survive in his/her absence. Thats precisely the case with me.

Life doesn't look normal without hearing from her everyday. I miss the small little things we share after every 4-5 hours....the small irritations...the illogical fights...catching every tear dropped from the eyes....sharing the joy and excitement....and just EVERYTHING..!!!

Life is quite a still at the present state but I am just …

DAY 108 (Here I am...once again!!)

Well..I was chatting online with my ANALYSIS FRIEND yesterday after a long...long time. We were talking casually when he enquired as to why don't I write everyday now. I gave him the same answer that I gave it to you people on my 100th post . But he was not convinced. What he said in return shook me inside out. He said that these are all excuses for not being able to do what I love to do. I denied once and twice and then I gave up because somewhere I thought may be he was right. Whenever we are unable to do the things we like.. we find an easy out by blaming the most feasible option as available.

But what to do....still its how the way it is!!! it was the start of a new weekend it was meant to be full of masti and dhamaal. And indeed it was! We had a party on saturday where "we" refers to I and my few colleagues. We celebrated one of our friend's birthday by watching a movie together and then going for dinner. It was ultimate fun. We had the tim…

DAY 107 (The ultimate moment..!!)

Well...a couple of days ago was my FIRST SALARY day..!!! And I can't really explain how it was :D 
The moment was one of the proudest moment of my life. I took the money out with my dad first and then went straight away to Dadi's place to thank her for all her blessings and then went to temple. And then followed the long lists of wishes! I believe I am gonna be bankrupt in a day or two for sure by my sister's grace but what can I do...!!! :)

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday as well...and I managed to throw a good party to all family and his friends. I... and I am Dad felt proud for the moment.

It feels sometimes that it was just yesterday when I was waiting for my joining and was cribbing for every new day which passed without any news. And then BOOM...!!!

There is one more person who is no less happier than anyone else for this achievement of my life and has always been the ultimate angel. Yes...its Akansha! I could feel the happiness..the excitement in her voic…