DAY 107 (The ultimate moment..!!)

Well...a couple of days ago was my FIRST SALARY day..!!! And I can't really explain how it was :D 
The moment was one of the proudest moment of my life. I took the money out with my dad first and then went straight away to Dadi's place to thank her for all her blessings and then went to temple. And then followed the long lists of wishes! I believe I am gonna be bankrupt in a day or two for sure by my sister's grace but what can I do...!!! :)

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday as well...and I managed to throw a good party to all family and his friends. I... and I am Dad felt proud for the moment.

It feels sometimes that it was just yesterday when I was waiting for my joining and was cribbing for every new day which passed without any news. And then BOOM...!!!

There is one more person who is no less happier than anyone else for this achievement of my life and has always been the ultimate angel. Yes...its Akansha! I could feel the happiness..the excitement in her voice when I told her that I just got my first salary. You feel heavenly when you come to know that there is someone on this earth who is happier than you for your success.

What do I say...I am just so blessed....!!! :D


  1. Congos di!!

    Maja aa gaya..
    And dere is sum1 else hu has the same excitement as ur Akansha Ji..
    I am proud of u my di..:)

    Party party...



    p.s. Finally...*sob sob*

  2. yet again, there is just one thing i can say


  3. congrats...i know how good it feel to have first salary :)

    surely, aapke pita ji ko aap pe naaz jaroor hoga :)

    aage ke liye subhkamnayen :)

  4. Congrates Supriya...

    Save a portion of this salary and spend the rest wisely...

    Open a PPF account,if you don't have it

  5. Congrats :)
    I can't wait to earn. Sadly, i'm just 15 :(

  6. @nippu...ofcourse there are other people as well...but you understand her level of importance..right? koi nahi baccha...milegi party..zarur milegi...aao to lucknow!

  7. @chanz...thanks so much are a real sweetheart..!!

  8. @vipul....ahem ahem...thanks for the tips sir..!! :)

  9. @lincoln..thanks so much..!!

  10. @lonely...someday you will for sure..!..a few years ago..i was at this stage too..don't worry..enjoy the glory and innocence of these days..!! and :)

  11. whns the treat???:D

  12. @chitz...whenever and whereever u say.. :)


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