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DAY 152 (Shocked...Disappointed...Scared...!!!)

I just got this hair-raising news of setting ablaze the senior district collector Yeshwant Sonawane by few mafia criminals. And I am hell shocked and numb! Is it a shame? ...A terror? ...A slap on the face? What is it actually? 
People are saying that he is a martyr now. Is he? I don't think so. He just is a poor victim of few inhuman and powerful mafia dons who believe that India and Indians are fond of dictatorship. They do whatever they want because according to them, its their turn to become the majesty! And thats the reason they didn't even think twice before committing such a horrendous crime. Probably, they believe people will say, may be scream, media will get a good news, it'll be the headlines for few days...and then what? Everyone would move on!
Would we? Can we?
Its so easy to close your eyes to avoid the world....and believing that since you are not facing them, they can't see you either. Running away, avoiding and then moving on is not the solution. It has n…

DAY 151 (Life's little but most memorable achievements..!)

There are certain things in life which we feel or rather assume that we don't like. We also take the liberty of predicting it for future as well that we are not gonna like any cost! But thats stupid...really!

It used to happen with me that I used to claim over certain "dislikes" and "disinterests" in my personal aspect. I never thought why do I dislike it?
- Maybe because people generally expected me to do it and I don't like behaving as expected
- Maybe because I never tried once to like it as well.
- Maybe because even if I try it...I won't do well.

And when I re-analysed these two reasons, I realised that now its almost impossible to justify myself because these two points are insensible to tag something out of your to-do list!

And today, I started with one of those things- cooking! Yes...I thought that I hated it. I would do it when there is no other option and I had done it as well in those conditions. But I would never be happy to do it! A…

DAY 150 (The rules of writing...)

By now, anyone who has ever read any of my posts must be knowing that I just love to write! I can write simple stuff, crazy stuff, sensible stuff, insensible stuff, personal stuff, impersonal stuff or anything...just anything. Nothing restricts my writing...not even myself and I am proud of it!

There have been times when people have guided me as to what to write, when to put a full stop or a comma at the least. But I don't all... and then again I feel proud of myself. :D

I always believe that its you who know what do you love and how do you love it? People have different opinions because they love in a different way. But they don't understand that for seeing/finding what they love, they have to work for themselves. No one else would serve them on the platter. They can appreciate or discourage whatever they read. But they can't suggest what the writer should write. And thats because he/she is a WRITER. And he/she chose to be so for his/her own satisfaction. A wri…

DAY 149 (Bole to ekdum Mumbaiyya....Maangta kya?)

I just lived a dream in past few days and I don't wanna wake up ever! :) the title suggests, I was in Mumbai! Mumbaiii...the city of dreams, culture, local trains, huge buildings, sea-sides, bollywood and what not. You name it and you have it. The list is endless!

I couldn't blink my eyes. And that was not because the city is so dream-looking or fancy. It was because I couldn't believe that such a small part of the planet can have so many things going altogether at the same time. You wanna be with yourself all on your own...Mumbai is the place. You wanna be crowded all the time...guess what..?...Mumbai is the place once again! Its both strange and unbelievable.

There is this strange misconception or general opinion that if you are not a Mumbaiyya, then you'll only go for becoming an actor or a model there. People are cunning there. Anyone can make a fool of you and you wouldn't even notice. And above all, its not safe for girls to be in the city all alone!