DAY 149 (Bole to ekdum Mumbaiyya....Maangta kya?)

I just lived a dream in past few days and I don't wanna wake up ever! :) the title suggests, I was in Mumbai! Mumbaiii...the city of dreams, culture, local trains, huge buildings, sea-sides, bollywood and what not. You name it and you have it. The list is endless!

I couldn't blink my eyes. And that was not because the city is so dream-looking or fancy. It was because I couldn't believe that such a small part of the planet can have so many things going altogether at the same time. You wanna be with yourself all on your own...Mumbai is the place. You wanna be crowded all the time...guess what..?...Mumbai is the place once again! Its both strange and unbelievable.

There is this strange misconception or general opinion that if you are not a Mumbaiyya, then you'll only go for becoming an actor or a model there. People are cunning there. Anyone can make a fool of you and you wouldn't even notice. And above all, its not safe for girls to be in the city all alone!
Trust me its all pure MISCONCEPTIONS!

The localites of the city are the most helping and kindest people ever. If there is any nuisance in the city then its all because of the outsiders. Those who do not belong to the place and don't want to be belonged as well. Its just that they can't take the beauty and thus they'll do anything to ruin it.

You have freedom, creativity and peacefulness as the top favourites of the city! I know 'peacefulness' and 'Mumbai' don't sound too perfect to be related but as I said its just a misconception of the mind.

It was so much fun to find even the taxi-drivers and the auto-wallahs so interesting! In Mumbai, there is a magazine called 'Meter Down' which is available generally in all auto-rickshaws. And what an amazing piece of creativity it is. You feel to be a Mumbaiyya in the first hand as soon as you enter a rickshaw.

And how can I forget the yummy mendu-vadas and sambhar! I never knew that south-indian food can tempt me so much as well. The traffic system of the city, the general civic sense of the localites....its all so impressive! And hats off to that!

Be it the Juhu beach, chaupati, bade miyan ka non-veg, marine drive , gateway of India, worli sea-link, VT station, bandra sea-link or anything else....its all worth visiting once for sure! You see crazy fans outside the bollywood stars apartments/houses just to get that one look of their heroes :D. You'll get the most expensive and the cheapest clothing there. People mind their own business and thats what they expect from others.

Life is a heaven if you are in Mumbai! Live it to believe it :)))))))))))


  1. I am gonna love mumbai I guess :)

    anyways, superb post..... what a way to describe the place!

  2. Yea gal...Mumbai is a place to be..!!

  3. @atri....thanks ashutosh..!! I really appreciate your encouragement towards my writing. :)


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