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DAY 148 (Meeting with a legend...Dr. Kiran Bedi..!!)

Some days mark historical events in your life. Such was this day for me. I got to meet THE Dr. Kiran Bedi. And I don't think that I need to introduce her to my readers here. As simple as any other woman but as strong as any other man out there. Her words, her knowledge, her experience reflects the education which she has received. And I am not talking about the qualification/degrees here. I am talking about the real education...which most of us have lost somewhere.

True were her words today that "if you wanna get inspired from someone, sure...go that! But you should role model for yourself. Don't imitate anyone because your are just one in piece...there is no replica."

I know that different people have different views for the lady but I believe that with good work comes prosperity and prosperity leads to fame. And there are two sides of this fame. Take it or leave it but they will follow you. The bottomline should be "Should I care?". Question th…

DAY 147 (Being in this state of mind...)

Someone told me once that you should never leave anything incomplete without giving it your 100% atleast in one of the attempts. And since then... I did the same.

I gave 100% to all my relationships...everyone whom I met in my it a friend, a relative, a stranger or anyone. And what a pity...till today I cannot decide which one have ended and which one have still heartbeats left in it. I did all I could to make it the best out of me. Thats all I knew. But then, everything doesn't work on assumptions.

I never say that I have done something extraordinary but I just wanna see someone else apart from me doing it once. I never say that I couldn't have done better but I just wanna ensure that it would have made any difference. I am unable to find the right adjective. Is it brutality or is it disgust?

Moreover, my senses tell me that I should be far...far away from all this. All that I am thinking or I choose to think preferably. know, this sensibility doesn't m…

DAY 146 (Why...How...What...???)

Sometimes, its like I am blank for few days as if what to write and what not... and on the other days, I am overflowing with thoughts. Today is such a day when I have to write a lot of things but I am quite indecisive right now as if which thought should I approve to be scribbled?

I take certain things as self-explanatory. I assume them to be understood because-
1. They are obvious (the whole world can see it then why not a person who knows me so well)
2. I don't have words and paragraphs and speeches for every action of mine.

But, it pisses me off when I realise its far from being obvious and that its getting a totally opposite reaction. Thats when, things which I aspire to do take a backseat. I am not left with much interest to go on with the idea. And life stays stagnant for me once again.

Sometimes, I feel that may be I have learnt too soon. Because the world seems to lag behind somehow. When the stage comes for them, I realise it has been a historical situation to me.
But doe…

DAY 145 (Dats what I called painful...!)

People find different ways to hurt the ones who care for them. They get so inhuman that it amazes me of their once-existed humanity.

On one hand, when you have tried to live with few important facts of your life no matter how hard and impossible they are....on the other, you are continuously reminded of them in the name of a A KIND ADVICE.

If you have a broken heart, how if your ex comes to cry on your shoulder for his new girlfriend who has just left him?
If you are feeling lonely since long, what if your mom takes out all her office burden on you by scolding you on every little thing you do?
If your boss has been torturing you with inhuman workload, what if you get sick on top of it...and at that day, you are made to work for 14 hours a day?

And all this can happen. It actually happens many a times. And thats when you go in deep pain. Pain which cannot be explained and if tried will lead to just some giggles and "how-silly-of-you" comments. So its better to shut up…