DAY 148 (Meeting with a legend...Dr. Kiran Bedi..!!)

Some days mark historical events in your life. Such was this day for me. I got to meet THE Dr. Kiran Bedi. And I don't think that I need to introduce her to my readers here. As simple as any other woman but as strong as any other man out there. Her words, her knowledge, her experience reflects the education which she has received. And I am not talking about the qualification/degrees here. I am talking about the real education...which most of us have lost somewhere.

True were her words today that "if you wanna get inspired from someone, sure...go that! But you should role model for yourself. Don't imitate anyone because your are just one in piece...there is no replica."

I know that different people have different views for the lady but I believe that with good work comes prosperity and prosperity leads to fame. And there are two sides of this fame. Take it or leave it but they will follow you. The bottomline should be "Should I care?". Question that to yourself and you'll get the answer as no.

There have been a lot of discussions about what if Dr. Kiran Bedi was made the commissioner of Delhi when she was supposed to be. What then? Could she have brought any change? Would the conditions have been better? Would the crime rate have decreased in Delhi? May be yes....may be no. But you know what..? If a person is so willing to make a change and she is so sure of her methods ..why not give her a chance? Why not??

Anyway... I don't wanna get judgmental here. Thats what the system decided and it cannot be changed. Destiny always opens another door if it closes one. The point is whether you waited for the next sign. Those handful of moments decide your future. And what can be a better power than to have a control over the uncontrollable? Dr. Kiran Bedi does a daily scripting for her present and thus have a control on her future. can I control myself not to be inspired from such a legend? :-)


  1. Do whatevr u can but u dont control the future..hard fact but its true..
    I read the last lines where u felt ki she is always in control of like i always do..i disagree..hehe..:)

  2. salute to Dr. Kiran Bedi... She sure deserves it...


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