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DAY 142 (I am terrified..!!!)

There is something which I have been willing to put up here since ages. I don't why did I keep postponing it? It might be my priorities of discussing my things over here before anything else. But this is serious guys!! As serious as for any other single girl out there like me.

Now I know....that I caught your interest there! ;)

Well...then let me come straight to it. I have had an interesting observation which had undergone a deep thought of amusement and wonder since past many months. I don't know whats your take is gonna be on it but it might be a revolution unplanned. Well...wherever I it malls,restaurants or other hangouts I find some real hot guys who look perfectly in single-ready-to-mingle state. But then, as soon as I start to admire any of them I find another guy (again a hottie) accompanying him hand-in-hand! Yes you heard me right! I don't know whether any of you reading this have had to witness a disaster like this before but trust me its more devastatin…

DAY 141 (To those who love travelling..!!)

There are many people I know who just love to travel. Some are as crazy as freaks that they can go anywhere just for the sake of travelling. And I can never understand what makes them feel so good about it??? How can someone be happy in stinking coaches, amongst variety of weirdos and clock ticking with a speed of 100 hours per second!

By now,everyone might have realized that I HATE TO TRAVEL..!!!
It makes me feel frustrated,disgusted and tired for a prolonged period as a gift of its "after-effects". By some coincidence,I have never traveled a lot as well but being a hosteler for 4 years in a place 5 hours from my native city I have done a lot of ups n downs in that duration. And trust me...every time it was worse than HELL. I have considered it as the curse of my bad-deeds in life.

There is this one of my craziest friends who is like a real freak when it comes about travelling. We have been friends for a period longer than we can remember and still its impossible for either…