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DAY 248 (The realisations...)

Everyone has their tough time. And every time we feel that this one is hardest of all times. Some people go philosophical and some people refuse to admit that they have gone philosophical. But in either case, you get to know your friends.

Sometimes, it so happens that you never realised your friendship with certain people till a hard time arrives. Suddenly when you are catching your breath, you find yourself clutched to their shoulder for support. And then there are those friends for whom you were not able to find time and suddenly now you demand all their time and they are there for you.

Do you think you will value this support forever as much as you are valuing it now? You better do. Because these are the blessings that you have got. And only blessings work in tough times.

It punches me in the stomach to realise that why I didn't do more for all of these friends when I had the chance. Why did I concentrate on only few of them. But I can't bring back time and amend that. Nei…