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DAY 265 (A spoiled weekend)

Some things can spoil your days. But when those days are on a weekend, that's the biggest pain you can ever encounter.

When I was a kid, there were so many times when I came back from a bad day at school followed by infinite volume of pending homework and while I decided to do my work in peace so as not to have a worse next day, I would get to know that there is some guest coming over whom I might not be able to stand or just don't want around especially on a bad day. But then, being a kid, you don't have a say. You are dragged outside your room to give the courtesies to any guest and then answer the same repeated questions every time.

But then as I grew up, my tolerance level got better. Well...much better! After a certain age, I moved out of my hometown and started living alone in a new city and I just didn't know how to say no to anyone asking to come around my house. Honestly, I didn't mind any company and being single and living alone, it was always convenien…