DAY 265 (A spoiled weekend)

Some things can spoil your days. But when those days are on a weekend, that's the biggest pain you can ever encounter.

When I was a kid, there were so many times when I came back from a bad day at school followed by infinite volume of pending homework and while I decided to do my work in peace so as not to have a worse next day, I would get to know that there is some guest coming over whom I might not be able to stand or just don't want around especially on a bad day. But then, being a kid, you don't have a say. You are dragged outside your room to give the courtesies to any guest and then answer the same repeated questions every time.

But then as I grew up, my tolerance level got better. Well...much better! After a certain age, I moved out of my hometown and started living alone in a new city and I just didn't know how to say no to anyone asking to come around my house. Honestly, I didn't mind any company and being single and living alone, it was always convenient to meet outside.

A few years later, I got married. Well, that changes a lot of things both negatively and positively. I used to be scared in the beginning even for friends coming over. I mean... what would they expect me to serve them food-wise since I am a married woman now? You know, you can't just sit around like a spoiled child and you don't have your mother around anymore who will curse you for never entering kitchen but then ending up serving all the guests alone because you are just a useless kid. So the first few encounters used to give me sleepless nights. What will I cook? Do I have enough stuff at home for it to be cooked? Will I be able to do it alone? I would want my husband to hold the fort outside in living room while I prepare stuff in the lamest way possible and make mistakes and throw away burnt stuff while none of the guests can peep in kitchen and mock at my clumsiness.

Then I got more matured and less clumsy. I started handling relatives visit also with supposedly minimum or no-damage. I didn't mind if they tell me that they didn't like the food or they don't eat what I am preparing as my mind could magically produce a backup plan on the go.

Infact, there came a time when I started liking to invite people home and be the host.


There is always this condition. NEVER EVER disturb me on a weekend because you think me watching football means that I am free enough or even willing enough to host you. If you are a close friend of mine and you know we can be ourselves around each other or with my husband, sure, come along. Watch it with us. We might order a home-delivery and have a nice evening. But then there are few who just shamelessly think and demand to come to your house just because they called you and asked you if you are at home. And this is someone whom I haven't talked to since 4 years and my spouse has talked maybe 5 times in last 4 years.

YOU... You remember that you took away my football weekend from me on a SATURDAY night. You remember that you brought this rage in my brain cells that is evil enough to burn you right down to ashes. You are someone whom I have cursed to the best of my capability and you are gonna pay for this someday.

This is a spoiled weekend and I just wish I had a timeout!


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