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DAY 161 (Realities are damn real..!)

Reality hits real hard...ohh yes it does! Its like a full size mirror being smashed to the floor and broken into millions of pieces. You can't even see through them.

Same happens when relationships meet fantasies. When friendship meets promises. When expectations meet truth.

We live in a real world...ohh no...wait a minute! We BELIEVE that we live in a real world. But the truth is that even a glimpse of reality is hard to live. We live in comfort-zones. We live in fantasy. We live in coziness. We live in everything but reality.

You meet someone. He looks sensible enough. And then you expect him to be always-sensible and righteous. You become friends with someone. He stands with you in a couple of bad times. And then you can't tolerate if he pointed out your mistake some day.

And .... smasshhhh..! There it goes! There goes all the reality. Right beneath your thumping feet.

Goshhhh....true..! True that realities are damn real...! But I just wish they weren't!