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DAY 214 (An Immune India...!)

When we talk about nation and its future, youth or kids is the first category which gains our attention. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether your kid has a strong financial background or high scores in mathematics, what matters is how he copes up and survives in this world.

And when it comes to a competitive country like ours, our responsibility should be to teach our future generations to think ahead of winning a cut-throat competition. People raise so many concerns and crib for their own nation calling it corrupt, unhygienic, polluted, non-systematic and what not. Do they ever feel or think about the fact that they are an active contributor for these loop-holes?

How many of them haven't been a part of corruption?
Giving a Rs. 100/- note to that traffic policeman for not wearing helmet or entering into a one-way.
Giving that background check officer some under-the-table sweets for a smooth process of their passport generation.
Giving a policeman a little bribe t…

DAY 213 (The bitter phases..)

There are times when things are just clogging up your mind too much. You project yourself as a different personality though. Because if you don't do that, you might not be able to cope up a day with such burden.
However, as soon as there is a chance of you getting some idle time, you go back to the tensions, burdens and the strategies to solve them.

While all this is happening, you have the least idea that in order to hold yourself, you are losing others around you. Mostly, it is unintentionally or subconsciously and other times it is happening because you are just avoiding it as a part of your deal.

At such time, if the other person is also a part of these hectic chores, he might want or expect something else from you. And you both might be avoiding to bring these things up to avoid another pinch of salt.

Eventually, it comes out and erupts like a volcano. You never knew that the other person started having grudges meanwhile and there is so much inside him against you. You do no…

Day 212 (The self-analysis..!!)

A few days ago, my would-be-life-partner told me that I might not know but "I hate men"! I was shocked to hear that. I didn't believe at first and also thought of snapping out at him. But somewhere I had a I actually hate men? :-P

I then started analyzing myself next day onwards-

I was coming out very strong on feminine issues. I was sharing all "MARD (Men against Rape and Discrimination)" photos on facebook. I even bought one of those t-shirts too! I murmured "pervert" to every itchy guy I see on the bus.I was raising my voice and coming out strong for all wrong-doings done by the men in my office too!!I pity on every pregnant woman I see while commuting and imagine that why her useless husband is not picking and dropping her in this condition?

So maybe without realising, or without intending, I had actually started hating men!! But this is not good ..! To support a side, you don't have to oppose the other and we can't generalise t…

DAY 211 (Deception...)

Sometimes .. all you want is to be an anonymous. Because if people know you, they know you too much. And that gives them a lot of freedom of being deceptive and then defending themselves for not being a liar. Deception is just another form of lying is what I feel. Either you say the full truth or lie. There is nothing like "half truth" or "I didn't lie, I just didn't say the truth", etc.

I am reading the Shiva trilogy these days, and it is quoted in the 3rd volume-
"There is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth, it does not exist."

Simply said but magnificently revealed. The problem lies when in "your truth"  you try to mix it with other's version of truth and create a cocktail. In a way, you will prove that you didn't lie and thus you are not at fault. But I am too idealistic to fall into that.

Life tests you everyday. And there is no correct answer to any of its questions. It is only the honesty of answ…

DAY 210 (The voice of the devil..!!)

These customer care executives have irritated me so much that I am giving them a space on my blog also..!!
First there is a long set of buttons that you have to press to reach that executive's extension. And after each button-press, there is an offer announcement which you can't skip or mute. After losing your mind halfway, you get to know that all the customer care executives are busy attending other customers. WTF??! Do other customers not have to go through this Chakravyuh?? Anyway...waiting is the only option. Meanwhile they keep playing their product song again and again and again. Can't you play some variety?? shouldn't take too long so I shouldn't bother much. The last time that recorded voice told me that approximate time of attending my call by their executive is 3 minutes.

So this is how it goes..
3 (I am rubbing my forehead)
2 (I am cursing)
1 ( come on..come on..come on...)

The approximate time of attending your call by our executive is…

DAY 209 (I am a Spartan...!!)

Okay..I know you all have been through this but still no one stops wondering. What is with this bus passengers? I meant !

Government has made a bus stop but no..!! Either they all stand ahead of it or behind of it. Sometimes I double check whether the roof on my head and the bench behind me is actually a bus stop or I am in Inception!! And these bus drivers..they pay heed to the crowd. They'll stop where there are more tickets.

Anyway...I get on it finally. Then, I feel like being one of the taporis of a Salman Khan movie and being punched from all the sides in all the angles. When I boarded, I could see 4 seats empty but there are ninjas who boarded too!! I blink my eyes and they are sitting there like they live there.

I pity on my self and ask a lady to please keep my heavy laptop bag beside her or under her seat. She stares at me in the first look as if I commented on her fat ass or her bulging breasts!! Then in the second look..."young lady..get a li…