DAY 214 (An Immune India...!)

When we talk about nation and its future, youth or kids is the first category which gains our attention. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether your kid has a strong financial background or high scores in mathematics, what matters is how he copes up and survives in this world.

And when it comes to a competitive country like ours, our responsibility should be to teach our future generations to think ahead of winning a cut-throat competition. People raise so many concerns and crib for their own nation calling it corrupt, unhygienic, polluted, non-systematic and what not. Do they ever feel or think about the fact that they are an active contributor for these loop-holes?

How many of them haven't been a part of corruption?
Giving a Rs. 100/- note to that traffic policeman for not wearing helmet or entering into a one-way.
Giving that background check officer some under-the-table sweets for a smooth process of their passport generation.
Giving a policeman a little bribe to atleast start working on the theft that happened at your place.
From getting driving license to getting away with a murder or walking away after being a witness, who amongst you have never ever been under this radar?

Idealism is just theory. We never practice it. For it to bring it under practice, we have to start now. To make our country immune of these viruses. To start teaching our kids, that it is better to take the long route and get something done in the right way rather than taking the shortcut. To make them learn that no mistake is bigger than ignorance. To make them understand that it is them who will make or break their future and not your preachings. To let them learn things by first discovering them, then understanding them and then living them. To make them as strong as we "think" we are. To make them immune to all the materialistic greeds and start valuing the real jewels of life- family, love, health and nature. To let them value life more than counting the days to death and saving every last penny for their funeral. To make an immune India starting from themselves!


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