DAY 210 (The voice of the devil..!!)

These customer care executives have irritated me so much that I am giving them a space on my blog also..!!
First there is a long set of buttons that you have to press to reach that executive's extension. And after each button-press, there is an offer announcement which you can't skip or mute. After losing your mind halfway, you get to know that all the customer care executives are busy attending other customers. WTF??! Do other customers not have to go through this Chakravyuh?? Anyway...waiting is the only option. Meanwhile they keep playing their product song again and again and again. Can't you play some variety?? shouldn't take too long so I shouldn't bother much. The last time that recorded voice told me that approximate time of attending my call by their executive is 3 minutes.

So this is how it goes..
3 (I am rubbing my forehead)
2 (I am cursing)
1 ( come on..come on..come on...)

The approximate time of attending your call by our executive is 5 minutes!! What?? Did I hear right? Are they crazy? This is just unfair.

I curse and kick a couple of things around and then I think..ok..5 more minutes. Lets get this through. After 5 minutes the bell rings finally.
How may I help you? "You already saved my life by answering the phone" - I think.
I give the executive a long description of my reason of calling.
Ohhh..I am sorry ma'am..this is not our department. Can you please call XYZ department that they will surely help you? "Are you insane? I am going to tear you apart" I think. But I say - "Ok..can you transfer the call?" No Ma' will have to call the other department. Thanks for calling ABC. Have a good day... Bye Bye.
"But whats the number????"

Beeeeeep...!! (Phone disconnects)

Yes beep beep beep to you too  !!! 


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