Day 212 (The self-analysis..!!)

A few days ago, my would-be-life-partner told me that I might not know but "I hate men"! I was shocked to hear that. I didn't believe at first and also thought of snapping out at him. But somewhere I had a I actually hate men? :-P

I then started analyzing myself next day onwards-

  • I was coming out very strong on feminine issues. 
  • I was sharing all "MARD (Men against Rape and Discrimination)" photos on facebook. I even bought one of those t-shirts too! 
  • I murmured "pervert" to every itchy guy I see on the bus.
  • I was raising my voice and coming out strong for all wrong-doings done by the men in my office too!!
  • I pity on every pregnant woman I see while commuting and imagine that why her useless husband is not picking and dropping her in this condition?

So maybe without realising, or without intending, I had actually started hating men!! But this is not good ..! To support a side, you don't have to oppose the other and we can't generalise things as well and put it on the head of all the men in the world!

So then .. I re-analysed..!! :-P


  • I am supporting this propaganda of MARD ...initiated my a man (Farhan Akhtar). 
  • The feminine issues on which I was speaking up on my blogs or social-networking status, even my would-be-life-partner and my dad are raising voices on those issues. 
  • I call those itchy guys in the bus as perverts but I get up from my seat to help an elderly gentleman to relax too. 
  • Then there is a guy in my office who is not a chauvinist and I felt really angry when I got to know that a female colleague complaint about him for none of his fault..!! 
  • And I see and know many non-pregnant women too whose husband take care of them without any physical dependency of their wives on them! 

So no Mr. would-be !! I don't hate men. I hate a category of them. And I hate that category quite strongly. Which is fair I guess... :-)


  1. :D :D totally true.
    I too dont hate men. I just ignore some of them. to the core ;) ;)

  2. Glad to know that you don't have a biased opinion about all men...they are not alike and it is important to put things in proper perspective,although you are well justified in raising feminist issues...

  3. yo ..i am feeling so good to be proven wrong :D :)


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