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DAY 140 (A dedication to a person I admire..)

I have seen people who get connected in fraction of seconds. Some of them take years as well. But in none of the cases are there any similarities except that its all about heart!

I met one of those kind of people a few months back when I started working. She was the assigned mentor for us for the training period. And what a mentor...I must say! A perfect admiring personality to start your first day at work and to follow the culture in the following days. For me... she has always been the ideal from day one. I look up to her till date for maintaining such an amazing profile from past 5 years of work. I have tried to learn from her to manage things, to be yourself...come what may and to handle things the best possible way.

But now, our training has been long over and in a few days she'll be transferred to some other city. When I got the news,then was when I realised that there was a personal connection which was somehow pumped up in between and thus...I am gonna miss her very ..very…

DAY 139 (A post dedicated to all the daughters..!!)

This post is dedicated to all the daughters all around the world as today is a day for them to be proud of themselves. You know...I read it somewhere that
"A son is a son till he gets a wife...but a daughter is a daughter throughout her life!" And its so true! No I am not being biased here. And I do not mean to offend anybody as well. There are few of the exceptional cases where things are just the opposite way but as a general view....and as an experience through which I have learnt...the above thought says it all.
A country where in many geographical parts... female infanticide is still persistent, where the birth of a girl is still presumed to be the curse of God and where girls are still meant to just get married as soon as possible and bear children, its important to celebrate such a day more than anywhere else. 
I have seen families who are so proud of their son, give him fancy education and all the luxuries of the world and then somewhere sacrifice or hesitate to do the s…

DAY 138 (An advice...!!!)

Sometimes it happens that someone very close to you,whom you trust blindly,love more than anyone else and who is your bestest friend ever....hurts you so bad unintentionally that you can't get over with that so easily. You understand that... thats not what he/she meant and neither was his/her intentions. But till then,it might be too late to absorb it inside you.... as the HURT must have taken over everything. You feel shattered!

Trust me its not another pessimistic post of mine. Its just that I wanna tell you people that we should not take things the wrong way and hurt ourselves so much without a reason being intended to it specially when we know that it came out from the mouth of such an integral part of your life that you can be damn sure of his/her respect for you.

Probably,I have been on the opposite side of the table many a times. I have hurt many people close to me specially Akansha... to such deep core that it went far beyond apologies and guilt. But then I knew that I nev…

DAY 137 (What if...???)

What if....everything seems beautiful to you? You find happiness and smiles everywhere and you don't care why. You can feel the sky being blue and the world being so colourful. You start caring about what you wear...and how you look ;) . You plan a new plan everyday but then at the end of are always left unplanned. You start experiencing the poles-opposite split personalities of Sherlock Holmes, Julia Robert and Snow White. You really can't decide how and why have you undergone this drastic change but you wish to last it forever. You write and write....and write endlessly and you don't even care whether it makes any sense. You just smile when someone demands an explanation and go mute when you think you have zillions of statements on your tongue. 

The bad old places suddenly seems to have been renovated overnight and appear brand new. You don't feel tired even after working for endless hours and even after undergoing the torture of some over-torturous company o…

DAY 136 (For bringing back that smile...!!!)

There are some people in your life without whom you can't manage at all. Be it your super excitingly happy moments...or it might be the worst phases of your life; whether you show it or not,but you need those people your side always.

For me,there is this one person who tops the list...and that is my soul friend Akansha. Unfortunately,she is going through a tough time these days....due to some could-be-mentioned reasons and some unexplainable ones as well. The could-be-mentioned reasons include the hectic,tiring and irritating hostel woes. And more unfortunately, this is one of those superlyyy--duperlyyy exciting phases when I need her by my side badly, where she listens to my unending non-sense and get tired and sick enough of it to say "acha ab bakwas band karo...mujhe padhne do!" But alas..!!!

I just want to convey through this that 
Dear... I really really miss you. I miss your laughs,your smiles,your naughtiness and your irritations. I miss sharing the minut…

DAY 135 (Apology note..)

Starting off with a note of apology,I would like to apologise for my last post as it was one of the weakest moments in my life when I became over-impulsive and as usual not-so-good-at-handling-things. I am not deleting it because people should know my blunders as well.

Now moving on,I would give you a brief one-liner for my birthday which was last Sunday i.e. 12th September- "It was amazing!" It was all unexpected and out of the blue and I thank everyone who made it that special for me !

It happens many a times that if we have to choose between cribbing and appreciating, we always choose the former one. Why? Because thats the easiest way out. It requires lesser efforts and results in greater satisfaction. But thats something really weak on our part.

Someone told me "if you love someone and that you really do....then all you would remember about him/her would just be the bestest moments you have ever had together." So thats how it should be taken. Make it easy for yo…

DAY 134 (One of the worst realizations on one of the worst days...)

Well....I don't know what actually compelled me to write this post today and at this time, but I had to write it anyhow. People talk about friends who actually are connected through the strings of heart. They feel whats going inside each other and words are far beyond the language in which the two bestest of buddies talk. They know it,when you can't say it. They can find the pain in your harshness and tears in your screams. They never question you about how,when,why and what. They just give you all the answers.

But is it really that way? Does relationship with "no complaints and no demands" actually exist? No. Definitely not. Its always like at one point of time they become the part of the rest of the world where your silence becomes your rude behaviour towards them and then the question comes "why and till when should they take it?" 

To be simple and straight....there is no one in this whole wide world who is gonna die for you. Or for that sake atleast be a …

DAY 133 (Feeling handicapped...)

Well....writing is something which is much more than just a part of my life. But,I also realize the fact that I can't vent out "everything" here. There comes a restriction and limitation due to innumerable reasons. Call me coward or diplomatic or whatever...but I would answer in one simple line This is how it is. 

Thats times when I know that I can't scream out the minutest details of the storm happening inside me...I read something which plays as a pseudo audience for me. Something which I find really close to me and I believe that somehow through this characterization, people are listening to me...reading me... which becomes more of a necessity rather than just a habit. It works as a catalyst for me to keep breathing. And when I can't find even that....I feel handicapped. Its a feeling as are in a state of coma where you can see and hear everything but can't retaliate to it. Thats how its happening with me. For now,I am in a deep crisis of…