DAY 138 (An advice...!!!)

Sometimes it happens that someone very close to you,whom you trust blindly,love more than anyone else and who is your bestest friend ever....hurts you so bad unintentionally that you can't get over with that so easily. You understand that... thats not what he/she meant and neither was his/her intentions. But till then,it might be too late to absorb it inside you.... as the HURT must have taken over everything. You feel shattered!

Trust me its not another pessimistic post of mine. Its just that I wanna tell you people that we should not take things the wrong way and hurt ourselves so much without a reason being intended to it specially when we know that it came out from the mouth of such an integral part of your life that you can be damn sure of his/her respect for you.

Probably,I have been on the opposite side of the table many a times. I have hurt many people close to me specially Akansha... to such deep core that it went far beyond apologies and guilt. But then I knew that I never intended it that way... although I couldn't convey it those whom I hurt.

So always think from the opposite side's point of view as well if the person on that side is reasonable.

But still,if things impulsively go wrong and you know that you can't ignore it being under the fact that its too late,what you can atleast do is...apologise. Never keep grudges...or keep things intact because if you me its gonna pain more than you can ever imagine!


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