DAY 134 (One of the worst realizations on one of the worst days...)

Well....I don't know what actually compelled me to write this post today and at this time, but I had to write it anyhow. People talk about friends who actually are connected through the strings of heart. They feel whats going inside each other and words are far beyond the language in which the two bestest of buddies talk. They know it,when you can't say it. They can find the pain in your harshness and tears in your screams. They never question you about how,when,why and what. They just give you all the answers.

But is it really that way? Does relationship with "no complaints and no demands" actually exist? No. Definitely not. Its always like at one point of time they become the part of the rest of the world where your silence becomes your rude behaviour towards them and then the question comes "why and till when should they take it?" 

To be simple and straight....there is no one in this whole wide world who is gonna die for you. Or for that sake atleast be a part of you for sometime. You become rude,they become stubborn. You cry,they question. You stop talking,they taunt. Thats how it goes. 

Even for the lesser important friends for whom its a matter of "just chilling out" together,they won't bother about your shallow part as well. They are not gonna give their precious time just for one day of yours. They won't try to make it special for you no matter how hard you have tried for every small celebration of theirs. It comes to convenience in those cases. "As it suits them".

So remember one thing-you are on your own. No one is by your side at any point of time. Everyone leaves you at a certain point. You have to carry it matter how. Thats the harsh truth. Take it or leave it!

PS- I can't believe its my birthday today and I am writing this post at 1:30 am of the day I was born. 
PPS- Please don't wish me! 


  1. dost.. very rightly said..neatly crafted.. "You become rude,they become stubborn. You cry,they question. You stop talking,they taunt." dese lines r class.. unparallel.. atleast someone had d courage 2 come forward nd speak up the daring.. visited ur post just by chance.. urs crystal clear attitude wld definitely bring u out of d situation wid flying colors.. perseverance nd patience r d 2 keys..

  2. Harsh but true...
    Although I don't completely agree with what you have written, I admire the thought.
    There may be good and bad experiences and that might change the outlook.
    Its always upto u how we have to handle, so just chill and have fun for the life is too short...:)



  3. @ankit...thanks for your precious comment..

  4. @nippu...i know..i should have handled....anyway...i'll try and be more mature now :)

  5. # People will contact you only when they need you... and if you have some exceptions in your life then, believe me you are very lucky.. Do your best to keep such people in your life.

    # Time may not heal your pain completely but it surely heals... It gives you a strength to bear the pain.

    # Don't feel bad when you find that your dear-ones have not told you something. If you look deeply, you also don't tell them everything to them. Taking the worst, you also don't tell everything to everybody,.......may be you are 'everybody' for them. The more you think on this the more you hurt yourself.

    # This world is a 'World of Favors' Give Favors and Take Favors'.

    # Basically you are alone... and that's a hardcore fact....

  6. @vipul...that was harsh..but bare truth!

  7. harsh truths are very less in this world :)

  8. @mr. happy...true..but this was one of the impulsive reactions..!!


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