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DAY 238 (A memory long lost...)

A few months ago, I remember going for a movie with my-then-would-be-husband. Beautifully scripted a good Hollywood movie for which we have been waiting for quite some time. We booked the most comfortable and the highly expensive (read over-priced) last row seats. Just before the movie had to start, there is a lady who comes and sits next to me. Movie starts and still there is no one who comes in to fill the seat next to her. "Poor girl, I think". Her friend must have ditched her and it must be so irritating to be stuck alone in a theatre.

20 minutes pass by and suddenly I hear her saying, "I just love this guy" pointing to a new actor who appeared on screen. I shrug and ignore her thinking she might be talking to herself. Then this happened in frequent intervals. Whenever a  good scene comes, she would look at me as if we came together and would say something. For once I felt, either she is crazy or she is too frustrated for her friend to ditch her that she is to…