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DAY 220 (Time travel...)

Writing used to be fun. Situation-independent. Day-time-mood-schedule-independent. There was a thrive to write. There was a passion to blog. It was something to look forward to. It was the coolest ventilator and the hottest opinion-boiler. It was competitive and conservative altogether. It was a start. It was just a start...

Now... its all an ongoing process. There is no destination to it which is content in a way. There has to be a reminder to push the button and once pushed, there has to be a considerable thought-process to the assertion.

You might think that this all is wearing down is what I mean. No. Its exactly opposite I believe. I have learnt to stabilise I feel. My passion has elevated from achieving to growing. And for growing you need to camp yourself. You can't run all the time. You can't be just a racer. You have to travel through your skills. Your words. Their crafting. Their imagination.

It has to be a steady river rather than a storming ocean. It has to see it…