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DAY 185 (Be a Nation..!)

I know there is too much happening around. Everyday you open the newspaper, there are atleast 4-5 rape cases reports, coward Pakistanis creating a mess on LOC, Owaisi the hate-monger and the list goes on.

Things shake you up when you read about them..don't they? But as soon as those 20 pages get over, your life again gets centred around yourself. Your office, your boss, your family, your friends and all that shit that is sucking your routine!

Watching an Arnab Goswami show and then screaming "Hell Yeah!" that what this nation is all capable of? We are blaming the government and the government is blaming us back. This is us...this is our NATION!

No doubt that the Delhi Rape Case brought the majority of the citizens (youngsters) come up united but things don't end here. It is not even the toe of the problem. And trust me when you jot down the shit happening in your life and the shit happening all around will find yourself woken up from a beautiful dream…