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DAY 169 (Virtue vs character)

People weigh a lot. There own weight might drop by few pounds in between....but they don't care! Being judgmental is just their "thing".

So that forces the person being judged to get a chance of self-rating. And I got a similar chance. No matter what gets approved further...but here is my "thing"...
I believe that
Possessiveness is just a virtue. Obsession becomes the character. What itches me is to GPS myself in between!

Its okay to feel bad not to be attended. Its okay to wish to get back what you desired to give. Its okay to be uneasy not to be in the tick-tock of the clock.

What gets judged is the reaction to these actions. But then its also okay not to like the judgment or the "judges".

Its just okay to be you and accepting yourself your own way.

Intrusion is just injurious to health.

DAY 168 (I am my own boss..!!!)

Has it ever happened to you that when you are told to do something, you get an urge of not doing it irrespective of the fact that probably you were thinking of doing it in the first place?

Well...that was confusing ...right?

But on a serious front, I don't know how many of you have faced this weird crazy attitude inside yourself that you say no the moment you are told to say yes for something. It doesn't matter at that moment what you actually wished for. What you thought was supposed to be done. Whether you wanted to do it in the first hand or not. But its just the obsession of saying NO at that moment.

For me, I never like being told! I prefer doing things anonymously and wanna save the trouble of getting any feedback over it. Probably it is because I do things from my heart. And for me they are done the best way they could have been done. And I don't like to send it for scrutiny for further examination.

Be it anything. Doing a minor household work or a major office task…

DAY 167 (Going with the flow...!)

Like everyone else...sometimes I also screw up! :(

And then when I get to know what I have becomes too late. But now I believe that its never "too late". Every stupidity has a solution. And every question has an answer. It just depends whether we wanna go for the solution/answer or not.

The best way to deal with these per my to just deal with it. Sometimes what we do is..we choose to go with the flow without considering where is it flowing towards!

And then is when we draw our crests and troughs.

Its easy to go with the flow maybe...but its better to shake your brain a little bit and think before flowing. Thats what is called "dealing with".

Its harder to understand in theory probably but much easier to indulge yourself into.

Just be patient and will itself be taken care of..! :-)

DAY 166 (Being ecstatic...!)

Ohh...are you wondering...what has happened to me? Too frequent posts..! Have I lost my job? Did my routine had a re-scheduling?

So the answer is NO. Neither have I lost my job nor has my routine turned to the "idle-state". Its just that when people tell you that they "miss" your writing, you get the zeal back again. Zeal to write and to manage time. Hobbies are something for which everyone takes out time anyhow. And this is much more than just a "hobby" to me. Those who have been reading my posts from Day 1 know that.

So...I decided to Be What I Always Wanted To Be with a little shorter breaks! :-)

And it sounded and feeling real good to me.

I remember a time when I actually used to scribble whatever I felt like. I have this stupid diary (which I recently found out) when I used to write one-liner stupid stuff like.. "What does mummy think? I am stupid? I can't learn that simple equation. I will score the highest in that subject and then show her…