DAY 167 (Going with the flow...!)

Like everyone else...sometimes I also screw up! :(

And then when I get to know what I have becomes too late. But now I believe that its never "too late". Every stupidity has a solution. And every question has an answer. It just depends whether we wanna go for the solution/answer or not.

The best way to deal with these per my to just deal with it. Sometimes what we do is..we choose to go with the flow without considering where is it flowing towards!

And then is when we draw our crests and troughs.

Its easy to go with the flow maybe...but its better to shake your brain a little bit and think before flowing. Thats what is called "dealing with".

Its harder to understand in theory probably but much easier to indulge yourself into.

Just be patient and will itself be taken care of..! :-)


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