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DAY 184 (The Gangrape case : Delhi..!)

I have been trying to express myself on this animosity since Sunday night itself but could not find words for it. Words still are falling short but I have to say something just to be a part of it in action.
A talented, young, strong girl who might have been amongst the star youths of India someday was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi. Doctors say that they have never seen such brutality in sexual assault ever before. And the country is grieving. Law is struggling. The accused are still living...breathing.
How do you expect someone to response on this?

On top of it, when I read about the girl's will power to fight back all the pain and trauma that she is going through and appealing to live...makes me mum.

 This is one of the cases which we have come to know. And thats maybe because the accused are not from a good financial background to get the stories hidden inside cover.

So many women empowerment talks going all around the many discussions and praises o…