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DAY 175 (Reality kicks again..!)

There are stages in my life when I need a reality check. It hits me hard but it makes me ready for the next stage as well.

What is the first thing which happens inside that head of yours when you give a commitment of friendship..of love to someone?.. When you know that this is gonna last till life! ..For me its a list of expectations... a behavioral pattern which I assume to be a part of the other person. But accuracy is only theoretical. And thereafter hits reality.

Its okay if the other person has different ways of loving. Maybe its not that the person doesn't care, it might be that he/she does not know at all. Also, its never about who is 60 or who is 40. But no matter even if one person owns a 90 and the other one covers only 10..there are times when even that "10" weighs and you badly need it.

There are times when you have the need..the urge not to be misunderstood. You want to be talked out. You want to be carefree of the way in which you are talking/expressing you…

DAY 174 (Child v/s childhood..)

Well the topic might get offensive today...but I had to write about it. I also know that I am no one in terms of experience to comment on it too... but still...

The confused parents which I find all around me these days makes me feel ridiculous at times. Ridiculous in the sense that even they don't know what do they want. Everyone of them has a dream to see their child being number one in academics. If the child manages to do so, they want him to excel in sports. If that is also achievable, how come the child is not into cultural activities?

Some of them are so confused that they don't even let the child respond to their expectations. They just shove the child inside this roller-coaster and then never wait for the ride to stop!

Till around 5-6 years ago, this craziness used to start generally when the child was somewhere above 18. But starts the moment the child is admitted to a playgroup school.

I am afraid that in an year..they will start kicking their asses the mom…