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Day 198 (For the ungrateful ones..!)

You should do anything in life...but never be ungrateful..!
You might be might be might be "busy"...but being ungrateful might hurt someone too much to recover from.

You should never forget how much the person gave in for you once upon a time. You must not forget his efforts and you must not keep declaring it as a debt too. Love and affection can only be exchanged in these two units. Its not a debt to get undone with. And if you can't exchange them in the same units then be indifferent rather than being arrogant. It would hurt the doer less and make him less of a fool.

You cannot hide it under your immaturity...your poor memory or your daily schedule. It is you who lag the courtesy and the first step to mend it is to accept your ungratefulness.

Time might bring new people to your life but it can't overwrite the past times that someone gave to you for you to use it. Use it but don't spoil it. And if anything else then atleas…

DAY 197 (Hang the bastards!!)

No matter how far away am I sitting from my country but if I am an Indian... these things ought to infuriate me.
I couldn't even get over the atrocities that I read on Nirbhaya's case and I find my country flagging brutality with no shame everyday on a higher scale.

Maybe now media is spreading the word. Maybe now atleast we have started knowing about cases and they are not just done and over with in a kotwali record-book.
But is this awareness or these law-changing mechanisms affecting the animals out there even a little bit?
The rate with which these rape cases are increasing I think they have started enjoying being a part of it now! Victims are still victims but criminals are the celebrities now! They shine on front page for months only to be forgotten and get free.

Media tried to bring they raped one of them too. And they mock at us with their confidence to get-away with this.

And what rubbish is this "minor" concept in all these cases? Are you f***…

DAY 196 (Rendezvous with your mirror..!)

They tell you what you should do only when you DON'T want an advice.

They tell you what NOT to do and never what you should do instead.

They tell you that throughout your life your all actions were wrong because you DIDN'T follow them. The ones that gave good results were inspired by them somehow they believe.

They always tell you only your UNPLEASANT features and choose to forget the pleasant ones because they don't matter.

They turn you down, they push you back, they even kick your asses in front of a whole lot of another bunch. But still they were and they are NEVER wrong.

They scrutinize  your life, your living style and your breathing and claim that they NEVER kept control on you.

They are NEVER excited for your excitements, they NEVER pay heed to what you like and what you don't, they NEVER care what you wanted to be and what you are.

They always ASSUME you to be happy when you are in their ideal set of conditions and DECLARE you unhappy when they don't like…

Day 195 (Priorities are not your first love..!!)

Prioritizing is one thing and losing yourself is another. I have seen people who in the chase of "efficient prioritizing" forget themselves. They make their priorities their likings and sometimes start calling them their hobbies too. But I want to shake them and ask them "Is it your hobby? Really?? Do you love to do it? And if not...then who are you lying to?"

I mean you don't need to pin down your love or likings by analysing which one will be accepted more and taken well by the company you are surrounded by. I have also seen people deciding on the terms which will make their boss happy. For example, I like to dream about codes..(applause in the background); I like to script while taking shower... (appreciation by the team); I like to give a code fix while I am shitting (Weird faces but applause in the background)!

Did you ..(who fall in this category) just realised how big an idiot you sound like? Yes you are. You sound like an idiot brainless piece of mecha…

DAY 194 (To the people with a halo..!)

No matter how clever you will never be able to lie to yourself. You can convince yourself that your ideology is true but you know deep inside that its just a version of truth. You know that what you pretend to feel are not your feelings.
I have seen people faking friendships. Faking care. Faking affection. These are just few emotions which if taken theoretically are the purest of all. And I have never understood the reason of people trying to pretend being the "best" and "Sweetest" in front of everyone. 
It is quite obvious that everyone is not your "best" friend nor can everyone be the highest priority of life. Showing off that to everyone with such sweetness makes you a fool and not an angel.
What is the problem is being upfront? Some are the best, some are good friends, some are just friends and some maybe mere acquaintances! Everyone and everything cannot be a 10 on 10. 
I am probably writing this because I get treated like the "best on…

Day 193 (Peace ..!)

I have been asking myself..since when did I have to "think" to write? I just blabber on the paper as I do it with my mouth! Then why has it been so hard since a month. And you might call me bonkers if you would know that how free I am on weekends these days..but the reason is just "peace of mind". Truly. I know it sounds like I am ageing or is it another one of those spiritual sessions? But..No its not.

And it is not spiritual because the solution is not meditation or concentration? Its literally peace of mind without forcing it.

We always think that Ohh..we have nothing to do. Its a lazy weekend. I am bored to hell..!! My mind is blank. But wait a minute! Is your mind blank..I mean..really is it?

Having nothing to do, nowhere to go might keep your body free but your mind is wandering if you can't do something which you want to do. For example, if you have nowhere to go that doesn't mean that you don't want to go anywhere! It just means that you are fa…