DAY 194 (To the people with a halo..!)

No matter how clever you will never be able to lie to yourself. You can convince yourself that your ideology is true but you know deep inside that its just a version of truth. You know that what you pretend to feel are not your feelings.

I have seen people faking friendships. Faking care. Faking affection. These are just few emotions which if taken theoretically are the purest of all. And I have never understood the reason of people trying to pretend being the "best" and "Sweetest" in front of everyone. 

It is quite obvious that everyone is not your "best" friend nor can everyone be the highest priority of life. Showing off that to everyone with such sweetness makes you a fool and not an angel.

What is the problem is being upfront? Some are the best, some are good friends, some are just friends and some maybe mere acquaintances! Everyone and everything cannot be a 10 on 10. 

I am probably writing this because I get treated like the "best ones" by few people that I know have lost their dignity or importance in my life because of their faking and moving-around-with-a-halo notion. When I can be upfront ...why can't you?!

Seriously..Stop pretending! Period. 


  1. That's true!! I have also come across some people who are always very sweet to your face, they will agree to you at almost every occasion but then they do bitching about you with others.


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