DAY 197 (Hang the bastards!!)

No matter how far away am I sitting from my country but if I am an Indian... these things ought to infuriate me.
I couldn't even get over the atrocities that I read on Nirbhaya's case and I find my country flagging brutality with no shame everyday on a higher scale.

Maybe now media is spreading the word. Maybe now atleast we have started knowing about cases and they are not just done and over with in a kotwali record-book.
But is this awareness or these law-changing mechanisms affecting the animals out there even a little bit?
The rate with which these rape cases are increasing I think they have started enjoying being a part of it now! Victims are still victims but criminals are the celebrities now! They shine on front page for months only to be forgotten and get free.

Media tried to bring they raped one of them too. And they mock at us with their confidence to get-away with this.

And what rubbish is this "minor" concept in all these cases? Are you f*****g kidding me??!!
The most brutal are these minors and they are the easiest to get away from their animosity!

Stop me for this lecture...and ask me for a solution...? No I don't have it.

We can't put every minor of the country under supervision.
We can't stop having female population.
We cannot run away from our country.

But one question like always...till when will the Indian Judiciary wait to take some hard-core decisions on these crimes? Something is lagging. There is a gap. Why is there no fear?

Ask me? I would beat the bastards to death right when I catch them.
No stupid fast-track justice! This would be justice according to me.

My furiousness right now is there in everyone else's heart as well who know about this situation. But we are all in the queue of the great justice to arrive and work for us!!
It is happening in our neighbourhood right now..but we all are waiting till this reaches to our own homes from that television screen. And the rapists are hawking for their next prey!


  1. I think every sensible person feels in the same way like you. And I don't know why the fuck they do this minor thing. When a minor can do such crime then a minor should face the equivalent punishment for the crime. In fact minor should get hard punishment so that other minor which such mentality do not even dare to think about committing crime like this.


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