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DAY 252 (The September born...!)

We are the ones who are just beyond "too-sensitive". We cry when it is not required. We get hurt on jokes. We expect too much. We do beyond expectations.

This is most of the times a problem. And all that happens is that you just hurt yourself. We tell ourselves to be stronger.

All people who are nice to you are not necessarily your friends. Those who are your friends are not necessarily like you. You need to accept people as they are ....including yourself.

If things go wrong that is because they were meant to be. It is not always that you are at fault. You did what you could. You tried your best. Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to work.

But still, we cry a lot. Expect a lot. Get hurt a lot. And if someone asks us why? We simply say.. because we are "September born".