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DAY 233 (Is it worth it...?) is not worth it.

To go out of the way for someone when he just shrugs you away.To be committed to something when there is no future to it.To give away your time-out, your happiness for something which later mocks at your unhappiness.To be available for someone who had blocked you long ago.To expect out of nothingness.To work hard and then get a kick in the ass.To be physically incapable of being a part of something so tedious, but still torturing yourself ..assuming its your duty.To be "not" showing off and then getting comments on not being vibrant.To be right on line and then pushed at the end line.To be righteous in the world of falseness.To be emotional for a rock.To be tagged forever to something which goes away in a fortnight.To be exasperated at cold-blooded.To be tearful for emotionless.To be attached.To be a part of something that is nothing.To be hurt.To be disappointed.To be expressing.To be complaining.To be a someday ..."will be".
So bre…

DAY 232 (That strange feeling...!)

I do not know why am I irritated? I don't know why is everything pinching me...pushing me to fight. It is just strange to be this way.

Sometimes it is so that you miss so many people altogether. You don't know the reason exactly. Because you have never been so much bothered. You go feverish, noisy, impulsive and crazy. And this all is happening without understanding the background.

Can something have that kind of effect on you that you can physically be shaky too? Probably. But there was no such big deal that happened! Then why??!

No one knows why. And you try to cure yourself with medicines for your physical ailments whilst you are trying to find out the way to struggle and defeat your mind's uneasiness.

It is a hard struggle with time injecting the confusions even more in your mind.

Untangle yourself. Break free. Whatever happens...happens for good. Things are meant to go. Time is meant to move on. And so do you...