DAY 232 (That strange feeling...!)

I do not know why am I irritated? I don't know why is everything pinching me...pushing me to fight. It is just strange to be this way.

Sometimes it is so that you miss so many people altogether. You don't know the reason exactly. Because you have never been so much bothered. You go feverish, noisy, impulsive and crazy. And this all is happening without understanding the background.

Can something have that kind of effect on you that you can physically be shaky too? Probably. But there was no such big deal that happened! Then why??!

No one knows why. And you try to cure yourself with medicines for your physical ailments whilst you are trying to find out the way to struggle and defeat your mind's uneasiness.

It is a hard struggle with time injecting the confusions even more in your mind.

Untangle yourself. Break free. Whatever happens...happens for good. Things are meant to go. Time is meant to move on. And so do you...  


  1. What happened? I am here only. Not running away yet :D

  2. Don't make me feel guilty Sis... We all are here!!!

    1. Hey bro..nothing about guilty ... hum log to kabhi bhi aa jayenge...just 5 kms away ;)

  3. there are many things in life we don’t understand very well unless we see it from above, just like a 9th standard kid trying to solve one his first quadratic equation which if he’ll see after starting his first semester in university will think how easy it was, but he’d be having the same chaos in his mind they very same day if his teacher started teaching him those applied mathematics transformations.
    As they say future is important but history is more important, because we learn from history and create future with that knowledge. life was and always will be like a sine wave, it goes in one direction only to go in opposite after certain time and this is life, like you said ‘whatever happens happens for good`; and its life is happening to all of us and it has swings it keeps on oscillating and they only way to enjoy is to resonate with it...


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