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DAY 127 (An out of my mind post...)

Is it justified to be crazy 24*7?
To feel that you are going crazier every second...and no one can stop it..not even pause it?
To be absolutely clueless of the reasons behind your actions,reactions and even subconscious?

Probably not....

People around you won't accept it. They won't let you be like this or accept you in that manner. And then you have that mask which you wear to hide your true face. Right?

But... till when??? How long would this continue?

Either you'll lose yourself or your mind? And thats even more dangerous.

And thats whats up with me. And I am scared. Like reaaaaallll.....scared...! Sometimes I wanna hide myself. The other times I wanna run away. Things spin around just like that. And then I realise that I am at the same damn place..and the world has kicked me right on my face.

Can that really happen? Or I am just in some nightmare? Gosh...I am getting hysterical again.
Gotta hang up guys! Cya some other time...

DAY 126 (The vicious circle...!!)

I have dealt with a million kinds of people...and still I hats off to the BIG GUY up there who never got tired of the permutations and combinations. Some of them still amaze me with their uniqueness and impossible attitude. Their projection is out of my sight and their concepts are out of my range. How do I manage....phewww...well that...only HE knows...!! After all its HIS mastery!
I have a simple concept. And that keep everything simple and straight. I don't know what helicals does that straight line follows? How unmanageable is that concept? 
People don't have reasons for their acts. They do what they want to do and then they back off...and the last witness becomes the victim. To defend himself..the victim eventually does a crime somehow and the vicious circle continues henceforth!
And I am one of the victims for now. God knows....when is the crime gonna be committed. I don't even know of what intensity it would be...but if its really the law of nature then I can&#…

DAY 125 (Just a thought..)

Well before writing today,let me confess...I am quite astonished that my last post didn't get any readers :(
Was it that bad???

Anyway...its raining  like hell right now. And I have just returned from office. Akansha is back to country....(Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...!!!) and life is busy and great altogether.

Sometimes I think a lot...and that leads to consequences like my blogposts. I don't know whether its legal to spit out anytime,anywhere and whatever you want but I am ready to take the risks anytime :)

Life comes with a lot of flavours...both likely and unlikely. Its you who deal with it and its others who take the credit most of the time. You become frustrated,shrug yourself and decide to become "FLAVOURLESS" eventually. But then thats not satisfying you even. So...??? Whats the solution then???
I'll tell you.
Just a prepare a mocktail of all these flavours and try and have them slowly sip by sip. Suddenly,you'll find it not only satisfactory but also enjoyable.…

DAY 124 (A touching experience...!!)

Well....before moving on to the entitled experience...let me first share something with you guys. Last wednesday, I attended a rock concert by a US band UNNAMED SERVANTS ...and it was quite amazing...!!! I had one of the best times in my life...! It was as expected....ROCKING..!!! yesterday...I luckily got to meet few NGO heads and their respective members/students. The experience which they shared gave me shivers and goosebumps. And the positivity with which they handled the whole experience was actually worth an applause. Most of them had actually suffered from domestic violence and were too young to face all that they have faced. But how they have been brought up by these great institutions and being fed by them to lead mere a survival which was something beyond impossible for them was quite ecstatic in its nature. To see them so happy for being allowed to be a part of a normal be amongst us...made me feel happy for them right from the bottom of my heart. T…

DAY 123 (Hey bro...this one is for you !! ) the name suggests I am tagged by my dear bro Nipun aka Nuts..!! Thanks to him..and here I start on...

My 3 famous names~ Supriya (Given by bua..known to the rest of the world) Supi (specially by Akansha) Sups (by other friends)
3 thing that scares me~ Rain (its weird..I know) Height (I get shit-scared by it) Insecurities

3 thing which makes me smile~ Akansha (always,forever and anytime I want) The smell of the earth when it rains with slow music in the background Writing poems
3 things I love~ Writing Akansha Dadi
3 things I hate~ Hypocrisy Non-punctual people Those who love to boast
3 things I don't understand~ Love Double-standard people The rules of the society
3 things I am doing right now~ Listening to music Waiting for Akansha to come online (She is in Switzerland ..remember??) Feeling a bit tired
3 things I can't do~ Being all girly..girly... (I just can't!!) Being a typical "Baniya" in terms of money Stop thinking

DAY 122 (The first rain of the year..!!)

Writers/Poets may forget to write on their happiest day...on their saddest day...or even on a very important day of their life...but they cannot miss to write on the day when it rained :) ....And if its the first rain of the year...then you are gonna have a long one....!!! :) :)

Anyway...I was stuck inside my office cubicle in front of a stupid machine called computer when somebody in the adjacent workstation almost yelled..."WOW"..!! I was dumbstruck...first- because he yelled and second- there is a thing called office decorum. When asked the reason ...he said "GUESS WHAT?!?! ITS RAINING...!!!" I thought he might be mistaken because here in Lucknow...many a times it seems as if its just gonna rain when the clouds befool us and go away with double the speed by which they arrived. I rushed towards the window panes to peep through it. And yes...guess what?? was actually raining!

I was very very... very upset at that time. I was upset since the morning or may be s…

DAY 121 (I am getting so TAGGY... lolzz)!!

Hey everyone..!! I have got tagged again by my loveliest follower chanz !! Heartfelt thank you to her..and now moving on to the tag...

Mentioning 10 things that I have ever wanted in my life but it is not a trait of a woman to want those things...

1. I love watching SOCCER / FOOTBALL. My guy friends tell me that girls watch football to watch the footballers and not the sport! But for me its just not true. I don't care how the player looks like or what his name is...I just go crazy at the sport!!! And these days its all WAKA...WAKA...!!! lolzzz

2. I am too keen to know about the latest GADGETS in the it a cellphone, an ipod or anything on earth and I hate those guys who look at me dumbstruck and tell me that they haven't heard of the name I am mentioning.

3. I don't like to be all-pinky ever!!! I can't prioritize my clothes or anything on the basis of pink colour. I have only one t-shirt in pink colour but thats also a deep pink and not the baby-pink which gene…

DAY 120 (The weekend plan..!!)

Well..another weekend...another break..! How can I not use it for scribbling something? Anyway...this weekend after a long time.. there is nothing planned. But I think that I might go for a little bit of shopping this time. I know all the guys reading this would think..."Why shopping???...What the hell is with this shopping mania??" I know because I have faced many questions like this.

Well...we (the girls) shop to keep ourselves happy, to spend our money our own way and feel proud of it, to have whatever we deserve and manage to have! Atleast its not like the guys (especially majority of those who I know) who just think that money deserves to be spent on just two things- SMOKING and DRINKING!! I its rubbish!! Whats the use in puffing out your money away or just gulping it down in such disgusting flavours? I know...I (the guys) all must be going furious at this time because its the ULTIMATE THING for you. 

So, I just wanna say that exactly like…

DAY 119 (Trying to be perfect..!!)

All your decisions need not be justified all the time. You don't need to give the explanations or draw lines of Black and White every here and there. And that doesn't mean either that all the left-over things lie in the grey area in between.

You just have to be harsh at times. You just have to be stubborn and firm at your place in some situations. Don't give a damn if people don't understand you at that point. They obviously won't. How would they? You are not behaving according to them here...remember? And this world is all about "SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES" which includes a lots of explanations,justifications and scheduling. There you you get a kick! 

But when these social entities fall into traps like these,they expect the perfect response and the appropriate understanding. And they don't even give a hint for that too.

But thats how it is...complicated and unimaginative...! Deal with it...or let it get more complexed..its totally your choic…