DAY 119 (Trying to be perfect..!!)

All your decisions need not be justified all the time. You don't need to give the explanations or draw lines of Black and White every here and there. And that doesn't mean either that all the left-over things lie in the grey area in between.

You just have to be harsh at times. You just have to be stubborn and firm at your place in some situations. Don't give a damn if people don't understand you at that point. They obviously won't. How would they? You are not behaving according to them here...remember? And this world is all about "SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES" which includes a lots of explanations,justifications and scheduling. There you you get a kick! 

But when these social entities fall into traps like these,they expect the perfect response and the appropriate understanding. And they don't even give a hint for that too.

But thats how it is...complicated and unimaginative...! Deal with it...or let it get more complexed..its totally your choice!!


  1. Very true di!!

    This is how d world is after all...
    These social responsibilities really suck at times but we have no option left at times, actually most times..
    Its not upto us..

    I have already started receiving marriage proposals and i havent even started working.
    What say for this..:(



  2. @nipun....lmao...nippu..hahahahaha...marriage proposals??? WTF? just ignore man..!! this is all crap at this age....settle down first..!!

  3. talking of social responsibilities, i suck at them.. Really..

    @ nipun : rotfl...


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