DAY 121 (I am getting so TAGGY... lolzz)!!

Hey everyone..!! I have got tagged again by my loveliest follower chanz !! Heartfelt thank you to her..and now moving on to the tag...

Mentioning 10 things that I have ever wanted in my life but it is not a trait of a woman to want those things...

1. I love watching SOCCER / FOOTBALL. My guy friends tell me that girls watch football to watch the footballers and not the sport! But for me its just not true. I don't care how the player looks like or what his name is...I just go crazy at the sport!!! And these days its all WAKA...WAKA...!!! lolzzz

2. I am too keen to know about the latest GADGETS in the it a cellphone, an ipod or anything on earth and I hate those guys who look at me dumbstruck and tell me that they haven't heard of the name I am mentioning.

3. I don't like to be all-pinky ever!!! I can't prioritize my clothes or anything on the basis of pink colour. I have only one t-shirt in pink colour but thats also a deep pink and not the baby-pink which generally girls prefer. I drift towards blue most easily,then black or shades like these.

4. I hate wearing SALWAR-KAMEEZ....literally !! Although I love sarees....and I have worn them 5-6 times too....but salwar just an impossible thing for me..!!

5. I hate COOKING...!! I don't know whats gonna happen in future ..maybe I have to marry a chef or something like that but I can never like to cook.

6. I love CARS..!! I always check out new models on internet and always aspire to have one of them someday...!! :)

7. I am too SPENDTHRIFT to be called a girl. If there is a situation where there is me and a guy together and one has to pay ... I would prefer myself to pay. And I hate those girls who make boyfriends just so that they can manage their expenses...!!

8. I can't involve myself in a typical "G-TALK CONVERSATION" where girls are talking about the shoes,the make-up and the outfit of other girls.

9. I love playing TABLE-TENNIS. Now,I really can't judge if its a woman's trait or not. But whenever I enter a T.T. hall,I find people staring at me as if I have entered in a Gent's restroom..!!

10. I love giving surpises rather than receiving them...!! I don't know but I do. Its may be because I think I am the best in this trade...!! :)

Although I know,many of the answers resembles Chanz's but thats the case with me too..I can't help it!
And now I don't know whom to tag :(
Anyway,the guys know that they have to talk about the non-men's trait in them.

I tag

1. Nipun
2. Farila
3. Abhi
4. Sorcerer

Can't really be clicked with more names. But please feel free to take up the tag and go on with it. :)


  1. nice... :)

    I think all girls have a secret desire to be a man..

  2. @chanz...yeah right..maybe ;)

  3. Most desires are so manly..
    And u feel so taggy taggy..

    Kya chakkar h didi??



    p.s. Ek aur tag..:)

  4. @nippu..tum zyada dimag na chalao beta....answer the tag ...then i'll answer ki kya chakkar hai ..!!


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