DAY 126 (The vicious circle...!!)

I have dealt with a million kinds of people...and still I hats off to the BIG GUY up there who never got tired of the permutations and combinations. Some of them still amaze me with their uniqueness and impossible attitude. Their projection is out of my sight and their concepts are out of my range. How do I manage....phewww...well that...only HE knows...!! After all its HIS mastery!

I have a simple concept. And that keep everything simple and straight. I don't know what helicals does that straight line follows? How unmanageable is that concept? 

People don't have reasons for their acts. They do what they want to do and then they back off...and the last witness becomes the victim. To defend himself..the victim eventually does a crime somehow and the vicious circle continues henceforth!

And I am one of the victims for now. God knows....when is the crime gonna be committed. I don't even know of what intensity it would be...but if its really the law of nature then I can't be an exception here...and thats quite obvious.

For now..I believe...just praying would work..!! God bless.... 


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