DAY 125 (Just a thought..)

Well before writing today,let me confess...I am quite astonished that my last post didn't get any readers :(
Was it that bad???

Anyway...its raining  like hell right now. And I have just returned from office. Akansha is back to country....(Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...!!!) and life is busy and great altogether.

Sometimes I think a lot...and that leads to consequences like my blogposts. I don't know whether its legal to spit out anytime,anywhere and whatever you want but I am ready to take the risks anytime :)

Life comes with a lot of flavours...both likely and unlikely. Its you who deal with it and its others who take the credit most of the time. You become frustrated,shrug yourself and decide to become "FLAVOURLESS" eventually. But then thats not satisfying you even. So...??? Whats the solution then???
I'll tell you.
Just a prepare a mocktail of all these flavours and try and have them slowly sip by sip. Suddenly,you'll find it not only satisfactory but also enjoyable. You would love to be a part of it.

True that...its all a matter of your perception...and THE REST BECOMES HISTORY :)


  1. kul dats d word to describe u sups.. :)

  2. waah....goood...
    aaj bahut din baad aapke blog pe aaya hun....bahut se post padhne ke hain baaki :)

  3. @abhi.....thanks so much abi..!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @amit...arrey...y did you remove the comment...? anyway i got it in my mailbox...n sure...u r most welcome for the classes..!! :)

  6. haha.....arrey mam that comment had a speeling mistake..u might have seen it...i thought to repost it...but u r faster then net connection gets the credit 4 dis... :)

  7. Why not categorise the people around you into likes/dislikes/neutral....and then try to be with the people you like?I know it is not always possible,but one has the liberty to choose the people one wants to spend time with.Isn't?
    It is only the very modest/humble who give others their due....

  8. @atul..true..but u shud know how to deal with al kind of situations.

  9. Akansha ji is bak..

    Ur better half or wat did u told me...soul friend.. is back..
    Sahi h..
    Ab to time hi kahan hoga aapke pass..:)

    Life is salty dd..
    Mocktails is a great thing to be compared with life..
    A mixture of various components..:)



    p.s. For the last post..Lolzzzzzzz.......

  10. @nippu...well...baki sab to sahi hai..but why lolzzz for last post????


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