DAY 120 (The weekend plan..!!)

Well..another weekend...another break..! How can I not use it for scribbling something? Anyway...this weekend after a long time.. there is nothing planned. But I think that I might go for a little bit of shopping this time. I know all the guys reading this would think..."Why shopping???...What the hell is with this shopping mania??" I know because I have faced many questions like this.

Well...we (the girls) shop to keep ourselves happy, to spend our money our own way and feel proud of it, to have whatever we deserve and manage to have! Atleast its not like the guys (especially majority of those who I know) who just think that money deserves to be spent on just two things- SMOKING and DRINKING!! I its rubbish!! Whats the use in puffing out your money away or just gulping it down in such disgusting flavours? I know...I (the guys) all must be going furious at this time because its the ULTIMATE THING for you. 

So, I just wanna say that exactly like is the ULTIMATE THING for us. So, don't argue and better shut up! :)


  1. Enjoy yr freedom....these days will never come back again.....!!!!!

  2. @atul gupta...i know phuphaji :)


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